Kremlin Matrix Created Kremlin Mordor, Too

Russian End Department

K: The crux of the issue – the US, NATO et al. versus Russia – is more sinister as Russian Army is… weak! Yes, it was proved in Russian analyses. One of them was published recently. Read the next post.

BTW Mr. Paul Craig Roberts reads such texts, so he knows better why Putin is a traitor today. But reads carefully and try to match all the “news”, information and points of analyses from all the sources I was able to open to you in those months.

All the news which has been coming down
to this “center” here for the last few months
have uncovered, described and proved
how Russia is deep in very tragic state
in all the fields of betrayals,
thanks to the whole rotten bunch of Russian traitors,
starting with 5-th and 6-th columns,
through Russian parliament,
Medvedev’s government and
President V. V. Putin together with
his closest cronies and Russian oligarchs!

Russia is not yet ready for war, and NATO is using it, it already begins
From: News Front, 06 May 2016, 17:47

(Click to enlarge) Kremlin Mordor

Exclusive news Agency News Front.

Historian and military expert Boris Yulin believes that Russia is one step away from war on its own territory. Methodically NATO ring was tightening around us, turned away from Russia allies, fueled the conflicts over — all this was preparation for a major war, which the Alliance under the US leadership is ready to start, — says the expert. Boris Yulin sure that the weak defense capability of Russia – the handiwork of “fifth column” in the very top of the Russian government, and the idea of Russian control over Ukraine is already not feasible.

News Front: Boris Vitalievich, first of all, let from our editorial staff, from people of good will to congratulate You on the upcoming Victory Day! This Victory is ours, our fathers and grandfathers, and we expect that to be worthy of her. And the Banner of Victory, if need be, we carry with honor. And today, on the eve of Victory Day, we live for a long time in a state of déjà vu — June 21, 1941. Then Hitler, from 1939 to 1941, took quietly the whole of Europe, and now we see how Washington is doing the same thing, and under the same chants that the Russian threat, Russia is the aggressor, it is necessary to save Europe, we must protect Europe. And Europe similarly gives up without a fight, losing its territory here that these Nazis of the XXI century. We live in this state. What should we prepare? What to expect? As far as today our country is ready to give, at least, a political battle?

The fact that the political battle now largely been completed. That is, we have another problem is that now the real battle is brewing. But signs of a looming war has always been: the strengthening of the arms race – we see it there; the deployment of additional forces, that is, the configuration change of the group available — now put the American forces, for example in the Baltic States, occupied the territory of Moldova, I think, will go down in the near future on the territory of Ukraine.

That is, the onset of NATO – it sly was conducted before, but now more explicit. First, the subjugation of the countries of the former Warsaw Pact, though, and promised not to deploy NATO. Then placed there its military infrastructure. That is, first, politically involved, and now militarily. Then they launched NATO on the territory of the former Soviet Union — the Baltic States. Now NATO is considering the issue of accession of neutral States in the first place is Sweden, which maintained neutrality for two centuries, but now suddenly is going to come out of neutrality.Examines the question of NATO membership of Japan, though it is forbidden by the Constitution. But to spit on the Constitution when preparing for war. That is, now picture some tensions, looming clearly the parties to the conflict. Most likely going to beat us, China, Iran.

About our readiness for war – readiness in our short. That is, we have a good enough condition armed forces, there are new models of weapons, but the level of supply the army with new samples is very low — mostly either old or modernized. New equipment is extremely small. But the opportunity to seriously expand the armed forces, today we have no. If the Soviet Union had an army in peacetime, and in case of war had to deploy many times more powerful army in wartime, but now the unfolding peace army in wartime is not provided.Because there are simply no resources.

Always the military power of the state is based, first, on human resources, secondly, on economic potential. Now the economic potential is weak. That is, we provide serious fighting for a mass army in terms of industrial relics are now unable to. Accordingly, the probability of attacks only increases. That is, occasions of war are many, and the reason is always one – is when one party believes that it is military means to resolve the contradictions will be much easier than peacefully.

News Front: In 1939, Stalin, anticipating the inevitability of war, pushed our boundaries a little further West. Then we went to Galicia and moved the defense. Now as far as Russia is able to return to Ukraine in General? Could in principle, if you wanted to?

— Ukraine could take approximately two years old, three years ago. Then it was a fairly easy effort, easy aid the anti-fascist forces in Ukraine to overthrow the fascist junta, which took power. Now, when ethnic conflict diligently burned on both sides during these two years, the attitude on Ukraine more. That is, there the loyalty of the rest of the Ukraine to the authorities has increased, and the hostility to Russia also increased. Friendly feelings towards Russia is strongly reduced. Russia is perceived by the majority of citizens of Ukraine, in fact – the enemy. Two years in the media they are at war with Russia directly – destroy the Russian division, already destroyed a large part of the male Russian population. These are the moments settle in the minds of people. That is, a monster who must fight Russia to the last Ukrainian in Ukraine, created. And they are really ready to fight. Let us recall the events, when Crimea declared its independence and in a referendum decided to join Russia, then the Minister of defence said that the junta can rely only on 6 thousand soldiers of the Ukrainian armed forces. Now Ukrainian armed forces are about 300 thousand people a much more combat ready with combat experience, much better equipped than it was two years ago.

News Front: it Turns out, intentionally Ukrainians are ready, trained on its own citizens in the ATO to create a combat-ready force, ready to resist the Russian army? Moreover, until, as they say – here we are going now Krasnodar capture, and to Moscow in two weeks we’ll get. That is, jokes aside, but are they really preparing for war with Russia?

— Well, Yes. Actually, this was originally created Ukrainian government itself. In this his task was. But first, all this was not pronounced, because at that time embroil the Russian and Ukrainian people, making them enemies, it was pretty hard. And now it’s already done. The creation of the state, which will fight with the Russian side of the cordon of NATO, implemented. If two years ago was the struggle of the citizens of Ukraine against the fascist junta, now it is a struggle to “dill” with the “quilted jackets”. The change of ideology and helped the Russian media and the Russian government, the toe is — they do not act against the Kiev authorities, and at the same time with them. You remember, when was the last time in the official reports mentioned the word “junta”? But initially it was about the Kiev junta. Clearly talking about the illegal seizure of power, that is the legitimate President, came to power the Nazis. And now is partners. In the end, NATO has appeared cannon fodder that can be thrown against the Russian, and which itself has long been confident that the war against Russia.

News Front: In June of this year, will host a NATO summit in Poland. In Your opinion, will be there the decision to place missiles aimed at us, on the territory of the Polish Republic?

— Missiles on the territory of the Polish Republic – it’s basically a red rag to a bull. They just have dragon. The United States, of NATO, the main component of missile weapons against missile systems and systems of first strike is placed on the ships. That is, the United States has the strongest PRO in the world. Plus, they have fleets of Britain, France, the smaller ones, which are fully compliant with the Americans a set of weapons. For example, the system “aegis” — it is used both in English and in Japanese ships. And this mobile force can be deployed to the Baltic to the Black sea, to our North and strike from any direction, and even from several directions. These components of the mobile in our media as something special not covered. But this is the basics and missile defense of the United States and the impact force.

News Front: the Terrible things I will now attempt to speak. Imagine a situation where President Hillary Clinton gives his command and the allied forces simultaneously strike a blow on the major towns and places of deployment of Russian troops. As far as we are now in a position to reflect? And what percentage we will reflect that will fly? Or impact may be applied so strong that those Ukrainian fellas will be able to go and arrange what they have in the Donbass today, right?

Single-handedly – almost no chance. That is, the chances we are going to be massive to resist the enemy only if we, too, will be created system of the Union, opposing NATO. Our potential allies, which are under pressure from the United States, like China, Iran, North Korea — they are. But the work to create a serious Union, in fact, is not conducted. One time was a serious rapprochement with China in the military-technical terms, now it had slowed down a little. And must be United by the Union to those countries that are under threat of attack from the United States.

In addition, an important role plays the human factor. That is, the factor of the “fifth column”. The “fifth column” is in power. On the one hand, we have good weapon systems, which allow at least partially reflect a first strike and launch a retaliatory strike. The long war we will not be able, but this opportunity we have. But we are still on a major government positions are people of the same type of Chubais, who was disabled when he headed RAO UES, systems monitoring space, a warning of nuclear attack, Chukotka and Kamchatka for nonpayment of debts to the Ministry of defence of the state company RAO UES. After that Chubais had to shoot the stupid. He actually jeopardized all of our state. But he still manages. And the people they put in control all the power. In this situation, to provide security is unrealistic.

News Front: the Incident occurred more recently when tried to stop the Uralvagonzavod. To eliminate failure to pay interest of the loan, although seemingly – defense company that produces that it is essential for us, without which we can not defend themselves, but our officials tried to stop it.

So it is precisely the destruction of our defense capability. Uralvagonzavod is not just an important defense company. This is the only remaining we have a factory capable of producing tanks! In the Soviet Union, such plants are large, there were three. Now we have one. They tries to destroy it. In addition, we have now United all the remaining enterprises that produce helicopters, a holding company “Helicopters of Russia”. And now there is a speech about privatization of this holding. That is, in fact, all knit with the defense industry to be privatized and in the hands of our potential adversaries. Therefore, I say – “fifth column”. Especially that part of it which is at the top.

All these liberals who run in the streets, they just did not dangerous. They pose no threat – they can do their own citizens. But what to do with betrayal at the top? After all, completely paralyzed the possibility of resistance, in Libya, in Iraq, was a betrayal of the elite. She was corrupt and working for the enemy. Here we now have these people who work clearly not for the benefit of our country, they are sitting at the top in large quantity. They have not gone away.

Interviewed By Sergey Veselovsky

(Click to enlarge) From “Deep Impact”

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The “3veryone 3lse” Cabal

Russian End Department

K: It’s a serious “cabal”, no kidding. Mr. Roberts reads and understands what he reads. But one thing:

He doesn’t understand Putin!

It was sufficed to read the only sticky post here having deeper meaning.

Somnolent Europe, Russia, and China
From: Paul Craig Roberts, May 5, 2016

(Click to enlarge)

Somnolent Europe, Russia, and China

Can the world wake up?

Paul Craig Roberts

On September 19, 2000, going on 16 years ago, Ambrose Evans-Pritchard of the London Telegraph reported:

“Declassified American government documents show that the US intelligence community ran a campaign in the Fifties and Sixties to build momentum for a united Europe. It funded and directed the European federalist movement.

“The documents confirm suspicions voiced at the time that America was working aggressively behind the scenes to push Britain into a European state. One memorandum, dated July 26, 1950, gives instructions for a campaign to promote a fully fledged European parliament. It is signed by Gen. William J. Donovan, head of the American wartime Office of Strategic Services, precursor of the CIA.”

The documents show that the European Union was a creature of the CIA.


Do Russia and China realize their extreme danger? I don’t think even Iran realizes its ongoing danger despite its close call.

If Russia and China realize their danger, would the Russian government permit one-fifth of its media to be foreign owned? Does Russia understand that “foreign owned” means CIA owned? If not, why not? If so, why does the Russian government permit its own destabilization at the hands of Washington’s intelligence service acting through foreign owned media?

China is even more careless. There are 7,000 US-funded NGOs (non-governmental organizations) operating in China ( ). Only last month did the Chinese government finally move, very belatedly, to put some restrictions on these foreign agents who are working to destabilize China. The members of these treasonous organizations have not been arrested. They have merely been put under police watch, an almost useless restriction as Washington can provide endless money with which to bribe the Chinese police.

Why do Russia and China think that their police are less susceptible to bribes than Mexico’s or American police? Despite the multi-decade “war on drugs,” the drug flow from Mexico to the US is unimpeded. Indeed, the police forces of both countries have a huge interest in the “war on drugs” as the war brings them riches in the form of bribes. Indeed, as the crucified reporter for the San Jose Mercury newspaper proved many years ago, the CIA itself is in the drug-running business.

In the United States truth-tellers are persecuted and imprisoned, or they are dismissed as “conspiracy theorists,” “anti-semites,” and “domestic extremists.” The entire Western World consists of a dystopia far worse than the one described by George Orwell in his famous book, 1984.

That Russia and China permit Washington to operate in their media, in their universities, in their financial systems, and in “do-good” NGOs that infiltrate every aspect of their societies demonstrates that both governments have no interest in their survival as independent states. They are too scared of being called “authoritarian” by the Western presstitute media to protect their own independence.

My prediction is that Russia and China
will soon be confronted with an unwelcome decision:

accept American hegemony or go to war

(Click to enlarge) From “Knowing”

(Click to enlarge) From “Knowing”

(Click to enlarge) From “Knowing”

(Click to enlarge) From “Knowing”

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How Many Names In Russian Has “Betrayal”? Lavrov, Putin. What Else?

Kremlin Betrayals Department

Lavrov: Assad is not an ally of Russia
From: politlife, 4.05.2016

(Click to enlarge) RIA Novosti

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov said that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is not an ally of Russia in the sense in which Turkey is considered an ally of the United States. It is reported by RIA “Novosti”.

However, the head of foreign Ministry stressed that Russia supports him in the fight against terrorism and the preservation of the state.

“Assad is not our ally, by the way. Yes, we support it in the fight against terrorism and the preservation of the Syrian state. But he is not an ally in the sense in which Turkey is a US ally”, — said Lavrov.

Earlier it was reported that the White house urged Russia to influence the Assad regime in the observance of the truce.

The original publication

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Zakharchenko Has “Spat” In The Face Of… Guess Who’s :)

Independence Donbass Policy Department

But Mr. Z. forgot who’s his head is…

Any papers on the return to Ukraine did not sign
From: etoonda (etoonda) wrote, 2016-05-04 08:31:00

Political position of head of DPR

(Click to enlarge) Left: DPR, Right: LPR Caption: Heads of DPR and LPR have found solutions…

The DNR followed and will try to follow the Minsk agreements. However, if their guarantors will offer LDNR paper, which require the return to Ukraine, then such a leadership of the Republic will not be signed. This was stated by the head of the DND Alexander Zakharchenko.

He stressed that considering “Minsk” nothing more than an opportunity to regain control of the former Donetsk region in all its administrative boundaries, and to return without fighting?.

Zakharchenko has promised that its troops in case of need to quickly put in place all the Ukrainian army. He hopes to enlist in this matter the support of the residents of the LC with which the NPT in the foreseeable future can pass a joint exercise.

Zakharchenko reminded that the DNI and LC share a common ground and a common victory, and for the deaths of civilians republics need to ask the Ukrainian authorities. No documents on the return available to Kiev to Donetsk are not going to sign.

“Absolutely not interested in what solutions in Minsk will be accepted. For me personally Minsk? This is no war, no losses and excess blood the opportunity to bring back their territory, and we believe that the whole Donetsk region — the territory of the DNI. On this basis, the return of our territory without a fight I welcome,” — says Zakharchenko.

However, on the question of the return of Donbass in the Ukraine, he reacts very badly and does not intend to sign any such documents.

“These papers will not sign, and give the order to all troops of the DNI to perceive the movement on the part of Ukraine as an enemy initiative.

We quickly put in place all the Ukrainian army, where she was standing.

I hope that the Lugansk side in this issue I in the case what will support. This is our common ground, our victory. These are our friends and brothers who were killed, our wives and children, whom we buried. For this you need to ask.

Message from militiaman with the call sign “Redoubt”.

“Well, anyway. Despite the nightly burning of the Solarium three dozen tanks in preparation for the parade, in the advanced position of the parts is not the front door!

Daily work of tank crews

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Before NKP Will Strangle Russian Middle Class To Death…

Russian Economy Department

K: Please to bear in mind that NKP means Nabiullina, Kudrin, Putin, sort of contemporary – Marx, Engels, Lenin.

The address of the MEMBER К2501 TO the METALLURGISTS of RUSSIA
From: Max Kalashnikov, May 3rd, 2016, 08:21 pm

(Click to enlarge)

Dear metallurgists.

The captains of industry, owners of factories, engineers and Steelworkers-workers!

Today the industry of yours has landed in a severe crisis. For actions of the current government to help you out you can not await. “Allowed” political forces are cowards. A “Committee of 25 January” offers a way out of the impasse. And if you support us, then we will be able to help you. For the time is coming when the country will need a “fire brigade” to rescue Russia from a severe crisis, which because of the inaction of the “elite” deeper a country falls.

To wait it makes no sense. The President is ready to make the new Prime Minister of another notorious neoliberal-monetarist. Either Shuvalov, either Kudrin or Gref. This means that you (and the rest of the industry) are waiting for the suffocating interest on loans, taxes and disastrous failures in subsidies so common for European manufacturers. The Kremlin will not help you.


We are well aware that because of the crisis of overproduction of steel and because China has filled the whole world with its products, all that has caused drop in prices. Americans have spit on the rules of the WTO and is preparing to introduce a 266-percent import duties on Chinese steel, going back to the days of blatant protectionism and forgetting “Holy principles” of freedom of trade. Increased duties on steel enters the Gulf countries.

For domestic steelmakers came the dark times. The demand in the domestic market is too small, but still drops because of the crisis. To increase exports? To cause a further fall in prices and running into a defensive-protectionist barriers in the United States, Europe and Asia? The EU already imposes protective duties on steel products from Russia: 20,5% for welded pipe, cold rolled – from 13.8 to 26.2%. Turkey also raises import duties.

And those black times have come for the republics of Donbass, LPR and DPR, whose economy is based on the metallurgy and manufacture of coke for the industry.

In Russia because of the crisis in the first quarter of 2016, the steel production fell by 6.5%, rolled products – by 12% (“Expert”, No. 14, 2016), the Consumption of metals in the country due to the downturn in the economy at the end of 2015 decreased by 17% (in mechanical engineering – 12%, industry – 25%, construction – 12%).

You, our Steelworkers, are on the verge of plant closures and mass layoffs. The current government almost nothing to offer you.

But we offer: responsively to impose duties on certain goods from those countries that stifle the export from the Russian Federation and maximise demand for the products of ferrous metallurgy of Russia, DPR and LPR in our country! How? Yes, as the Europeans do. With the help of anti-crisis subsidies to producers of final products. (…)

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Preventing Fourth Intergalactic War

Kremlin Betrayals Department

New Putin’s victory. Now in Moldova
From: Eduard Communist, May 4th, 7:25

(Click to enlarge) After he has beaten up all…

Once the former Soviet Republic of Moldova, yesterday came the message that the Moldovan opposition was trying to block on the border a column of military equipment of the United States which arrived for teachings. But unfortunately it did not work, as the forces of policemen, the opposition was pushed back from the route for Pindos’ troops. And on may 9 this equipment will be exhibited in the center of Chisinau. Thereby inflicting a humiliating slap in the address of Russia.

Although there is a version that it’s not another humiliation of Russia, and another victory for Putin. Now in Moldova. After all, until recently it was hard to imagine that the territory of this Republic can come in a large column of military equipment of the United States. But the efforts of Putin, who has provided Ukraine States, now American and NATO troops can enter any Republic of the CIS. If in Moldova they still somehow resist, that in Ukraine they do feel like home. There’s all the resistance of Putin’s best friend, and part-time war criminal (Putin also knows how their friends choose to) by Peter Waltzman suppressed.

In General, we see the implementation of the American plan “Anaconda”. Which is to surround Russia with a ring of military bases and hostile States, and create on its borders a chain of military provocations and conflicts. In addition, the plan “Anaconda” includes economic measures of influence for the slow strangulation of Russia.

For example, such as sanctions or the replacement of Russian energy resources in Europe, the Middle East and the US. And Russia in the face of Putin, Medvedev, Lavrov and the whole of the ruling gang, helps US to implement the plan “Anaconda” against Russia. For example, when they push the Donbass in Ukraine and are going to put Transnistria in Moldova.

To last without problems, it was admitted to NATO, or it could swallow Romania. Or when he helped to remove sanctions against Iran. Brilliant Putin’s mnogohodovochka, isn’t it? Let the enemy closer to the walls of the Kremlin, so then they will hit the Voronezh, Ulyanovsk and other Russian cities with nuclear weapons.

And in the coming months, or next year when the power in the US comes a new tough President, we should expect deterioration of the situation in Transdniestria, Central Asia, again in the Caucasus, Belarus, and Crimea.

If of course by this time the Kremlin has not successfully merged Donbass in the hope that the new US administration of these crap freaks will forgive. In addition, expect a tight blockade the Baltic States and Poland and Kaliningrad region of attempts this field to select from Russia. In General, pressure on Russia will only increase.

And to the Kremlin, even theoretically, did not try to provide at least some resistance, they will breed opportunity to negotiate with the United States. Like, make a new assignment and then pass the new position, and we have for this promise to forgive and sanctions against you to cancel. Naturally, the Kremlin in the hope of forgiveness will make new concessions and take the new position of Russia in the world.

In General, summing up I should put that ahead of Putin’s many new mnogohodovok (moves). In addition to the surrender of Donbass, the propaganda will have to explain to the electorate that the surrender of the Crimea, Belarus, Transnistria, Kaliningrad region of Russia and the Kuril Islands and across Russia, are the outstanding victories of the great Putin. As a result of which the greatest chess player of our time prevented the Fourth Intergalactic War.

(Click to enlarge) Evidently for His greatest achievements for Peace in the World, the Supreme Peacenik will be awarded the highest order of Russian Betrayal.

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Heroes of Russia For Defending Ukrainian Integrity

Kremlin Circus Department

Heroes Of Russia
From: kerzak_1 (kerzak_1) wrote, 2016-05-04 11:28:00

(Click to enlarge) Closed by decree of the President of Russia VV Putin awarded the title of hero of Russia generals – Gerasimov (the head of the General staff) and Bulgakov (nachto) for operation in SAR.

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The Internet Temple of The Russian Army Propagandist Church

Russian Army Church Department

K: The level of drivel and platitudes shed from Kremlin towers have risen dangerously. When the propaganda crap will tumble down and the leadership of Russia will take strong and reasonable Russian people?

Our answer to NATO
From: kerzak_1 (kerzak_1) wrote, 2016-05-04 13:26:00

(Click to enlarge) Today at the National control centre defense of the Russian Federation under the leadership of defense Minister army General Sergei Shoigu held a conference call with the leadership of the Armed Forces.

Turning to the thematic issues on the agenda of selector meeting, General of the army Sergei Shoigu reiterated that the Ministry of defence adopted a number of measures to counter the buildup of NATO forces close to Russian borders.


“It is necessary to exert maximum efforts for celebrations on traditionally high level” – he concluded.

On this occasion, the defense Minister congratulated all those present on the great holiday – Victory Day.


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Even Russia Is Not Russians’!

Kremlin Betrayals Department

From: volk-donbass (volk1_donbass) wrote, 2016-05-03 22:05:00

(Click to enlarge) Those are not our soldiers! Not our weapons! Not our wristwatches! And the daughter is not our!

The PM suddenly came the conceptual question: “Wolf, that you write about the Party of a new type. Well, suppose such a party is created. What policy in respect of Donbass will have the party and how is it different from the rest?”


And the conclusion:
If peaceful means and methods do not apply and the interests of other States are in contradiction to the Supreme values of Russia, threaten the country’s security, p. 2 entitles you to an exceptional case of Russia’s response. For example, in the Donbass all diplomatic, political, economic and other peaceful means and methods of dialogue with the Ukrainian Nazis have been exhausted on April 17, 2014 in Geneva. After Geneva was Odessa, Mariupol, Slavyansk, Kramatorsk, Lugansk, Donetsk, Gorlovka.

As for the Minsk protocols, then it is not coercion of Ukrainian Nazis to the world. A surrender of the oligarchy of the Kremlin. In the complete powerlessness and inability to influence the situation for entrusting her power to the people. So again we return to the beginning of the post about the need to change the system of government and its accountability to the people.

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Russian Secrets Department

From: volk-donbass (volk1_donbass) wrote, 2016-05-03 11:48:00

(Click to enlarge) Inspired by the Odessa…

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We Do Not Abandon Ours!

Kremlin Betrayals Department

K: My very bad translation but a bit better than Yandex’s. I beg your pardon for that.

Promises… predictions…
From: bergen_rus, May. 4th, 2016 at 10:13 AM

(Click to enlarge) Right in blood: Russia will save Donbass. Caption: Celebrate, don’t pay attention to Donbass! Victory! HPP (Putin’s Cunning Plan)

Promises… predictions…

And reality is so much scary.
And left abandoned by,
fuck it!, yesterday Patriots.

About Donbass they forgot, the clowns.
In the parade all wear ribbons.
These tapes are stuffed everywhere.
You all would be put at the walls…

They remember the Type, how proud they are…
What d’you remember, ugly drunkard?
You were afraid to go to battle.
When little kids were being killed…

In the grey skies of Donbass are dashes.
There the prayers are not accepted.
Everything was shattered and destroyed.
What’s left – the enemies will get?

“Patriots” shepherd the crowds.
Jab your finger – you’ll fall into “defender”.
“No more slaves we are not!”
Well, for fuck you sit like a kitten?

Here without the Mat does not show up.
“At least you’d shut up, lying bitches.”
“We are good, we all like it.”
There seems to be a truce…

“I can’t walk the streets,
Where with every step I came across the traitors.
Roosters the blind chicken.
You would now be under pressure to butchers.

You all be placed under the terrible shelling,
for all you might see and hear,
To feel the horror of all in houses
That could not be saved under the roofs.

So that death, so thet hopelessness.
Even corpses, fires, explosions.
There was no hope for an Evil God.
And you always stand on a cliff.

Not having a weapon in hand,
Not able to escape from disaster.
The devils persecute his minions
In the hour of bloody madness.

Dead children. Black shadows
to destroyed house crying enter there.
But fighting are the rebellious.
The sounds of battle we hear.

Can’t suggest a solution.
You’ll not solve anything with words.
Only unity is salvation for all.
But the Victory Banner was forgotten.

If you (this is for the record)
don’t trouble the fate of Donbass,
Then shove the ribbons in asses,
Indifferent scoundrels.

Who deigns to do – anything at all.
Than will help the people a bit.
But not standing bravely like wall,
The earth will leave us in pit.

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From “Marx, Engels, Lenin” To “Nabiullina, Kudrin, Putin”

Kudroputanitsa Department

From: Maxim Kalashnikov, May 3rd, 2016, 10:26 am

(Click to enlarge)

Maxim Kalashnikov

Kudroputanitsa (Kudrin mess)

An open letter to the industrialists and agrarians of Russia

Wait. Kudrin is now – the future Prime Minister of the Russian Federation. Once again we say goodbye to even a faint hope of appearing in a country of sane economic policy. A bunch of “President Putin – Prime Minister Kudrin, – Central banker Nabiullina ” is a battering ram for the national economy.

You, gentlemen of the national manufacturers, will again get “udachnyi” taxes, crippling interest rates on loans to symbolic subsidies. Again and again triumph of GaidarChubais’ obscurantism. Glazyev was defeated.

You will be eradicated as a class, dear Industrialists and farmers. You don’t need any raw material for feudal bureaucrats, nor arrogant maniacs of monetarists financial-government bloc. It’s time to get out of the crevices, gentlemen. Trying to survive at the expense of allegiance (licking serfdom) failed. Tsar-Batyushka (“King-father”) is ready to make a premier from your strangler. If you will not resist, then you are finished.

Gladly explain his idea. Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin is big (strong, powerful) partly to propaganda and to bold foreign policy steps, but tragically fails in the economy. However, foreign policy is not aimed at the reunification of the Russian people and not on the formation of a broad market for domestic producers, also only ruining the country’s economy. This time, as broadcast some of the regular adorers, the President has decided to switch from Syria and Ukraine to the Russian economy. A poor economy! (…)

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“Rodina, Svoboda, Putin” (or Ein Reich, Ein Volk, Ein Führer)

Russian Sheeple Department

Mayday. Bloody holiday. Slaves cheering
From: kungurov, May 1st, 17:07

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In the TV news today pop Gundyaev (Kirill) wind up cotton on Orthodox sheep that wealth is corruptible. From the mouths of billionaires it sounds a bit ambiguous. Well, the hell with it.

The TV shows presented multiple thousands flock of sheep, nope, state employees, walks through Moscow under the blue Union flags and banners of the party of Crooks and Thieves.

– “What are you celebrating today?” – a presstitute (journoslut) pokes a microphone under the nose specially selected actors. Those making inspired spirited up fucked-mugs, responded to her with memorized slogans about the holiday of unity, about the “Russia forward”, about what joy fills their hearts when the country goes from victory to victory. (…)

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Russians Remembering New Russians Killed in Odessa

Rotten Russia Department

To the Suvorov Square in Moscow,
to commemorate New Russians killed
in Odessa two years ago, came over
5 000 000, nope,
500 000, nope,
50 000, nope,
5 000, nope,
500 people!

God, make the Donbass save the Russia!

From: Gennady Oak (gennadiydubovoy) wrote, 2016-05-03 08:24:00

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Brothers and Sisters! The Russian people!

Today, we gather here because our hearts are filled with grief and anger.

Two years ago in Odessa, the crowd of non-humans killed and maimed our brethren. (…)

(Click to enlarge) From polynkov

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F***k The Kremlin Supreme Traitor And His Worshipers!

Kremlin Betrayal Department

All with Eng subtitles

Enemy at the gates

Toys for Poroshenko

Defenders of Donbass – “My hand turned into a fist”

That’s All Folks…

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Did Mr Paul Craig Roberts Open His Eyes on Putin Yet?

Russian Economy Department

K: I do not like to gainsay with bloggers or columnists but sometimes I can’t help to stop to do it.

Mr. Roberts always praised Mr. Putin, backing his opines on “facts”, it is on Putin’s official statements. It’s hard to refute such claims as facts are facts. But it starts to knock in my head in such situations why Mr. Roberts tries to be so “infallible” touching only irrefutable “facts”?

Mr. Putin leads foreign policy on tactical and strategic levels. It’s obvious. His domestic policy is run based on powerful vertical political structure. But here Mr. Putin stops shining, up to such level that many Russian commenters write openly about Putin betrayals. Both in foreign and domestic issues. Those critics are expressed in non-parliamentary languages frequently, but always very sharp, direct, sound and justified (truthful).

Meanwhile Mr. Roberts puts his critics mildly only, usually never looking into domestic matters. If coerced to point to the Russian economy, he’d always(?) put it in the context of world economy or the US hegemony.

Meantime there is a huge area of Russian domestic economy dictated by the US advisers loitering through corridors of Russian ministries. It is the US written constitution which is mandatory in RF nowadays. Fifth and sixth columns thrive in Russia around Mr. Putin at will. All issues, problems or sabotages stemming from the fact, which are obviously detrimental to the state of Russia, are left untouched.

I assume Mr. Paul Craig Roberts must know that. But the dark side of Mr. Putin – comprising among others from his inactivities in those spheres like health, economy, finance, education, transportation, etc., what’s more, not reacting to Mr. Medvedev and his supporters in evident subversive doings against Mr. Putin – seems to be not being seen by Mr. Roberts. On purpose?

Of course, it’s wrong to suppose such extreme and unpleasant inference – He knows better than me and knows more than me – but Mr. Putin is somehow being spared from critical views from those sides. Why?

The good news is that Mr. Roberts pointed Russia and China for the n-th time, gently of course, how such liberal policy, not only unstoppable, but supported, especially by Mr. Putin (one should read dozens of blogs), is deeply unjustified, detrimental and leading to nuclear war. He also used weak language, so less adequate, which does not fully mirror the scope and destructiveness of thievery and robbery of Russian authorities which apply to Russia and Russians in Russia (China is terra incognita for me).

But I agree with Mr. Roberts. Nevertheless few questions were left unanswered by Mr. Roberts.

If the US is afraid of nuke war and I think she is (assuming not all in the USA are nuts today), why Mr. Putin will not regain Russian influence in Ukraine and get rid of NATO and the US thugs from the country? Why he dodged Novorossia issue jumping into quagmire of Syria instead? Reclaiming Russian World would finish with sanctions or political isolation, as the trade blockade would be out of question, but Russia would gain impetus to change the issues pointed at by Mr. Roberts in his column.

Well, there’s yet the most important question – why Mr. Putin does not make those changes in Russia already NOW.

One can find satisfying explanations in Mr. Alexander Dugin’s columns defining “the 5-th and 6-th columns” or “The Land and The Sea Empires”. You may use my blog, or 4th Revolutionary War blog, or Katehon.

Mr. Roberts has written (quote below) about “liberal economic policies” versus “gov destabilization”. I wonder why he pushed to readers the smelly waft instead of the rancid stench of Kremlin’s wet rot? Not implementing his listed corrections will not lead to destabilization of government but to the destruction of whole Russia. Am I wrong?

World War III Has Begun
From: Paul Craig Roberts, April 25, 2016

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The Third World War is currently being fought. How long before it moves into its hot stage?


By implementing neoliberal economic policies urged on them by their economists trained in the Western neoliberal tradition, the Russian and Chinese governments are setting themselves up for Washington. By swallowing the “globalism” line, using the US dollar, participating in the Western payments system, opening themselves to destabilization by foreign capital inflows and outflows, hosting American banks, and permitting foreign ownership, the Russian and Chinese governments have made themselves ripe for destabilization.

If Russia and China do not disengage from the Western system and exile their neoliberal economists, they will have to go to war in order to defend their sovereignty.

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Novorossia Department

K: This time redacted, Yandex translation was, ekhm…., tragic.

From: volk-donbass (volk1_donbass) wrote, 2016-04-24 21:30:00

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Just talked to one Russian patriot. Quite a serious patriot, believing in a happy future for Russia with President Putin, confident in the fact that the region is already whole in chocolate, because of tanks, guns, ammo and “gumanitarka” (humanitarian help) be enough for the less beings. What means that everything is okay and mnogohodovok did beat them all.

The conversation was difficult, but you have no idea the person was breaking the template. The fact is he lived in a sort of information world where everything is clear. Said on TV that the Donbass undergoes Minsk agreements (doings) and the person believes. He can’t not believe it, he got so accustomed to. And as for the collar come mines, how the person would know when the TV is lying?

The man had been convinced that Internet has the correct groups and bloggers who cover events in the world and the Donbass. And if any “raccoons” or “polite people” wrote that in Syria lies the fate of the Russian Donbass, so it is (it has to be it). But where is Syria and where is the Donbass? What’s the connection? No, it isn’t. And that’s all understand. But they say that braces, sacredness and so forth, and there is nothing else to invent for another reality.

But those who speak otherwise they are a fifth column, liberasts, paid bots and the likes. So they said. So supposedly they think. They exist, but they should be ignored and cleared.

And suddenly before the person, face to face, appears an individual with a different picture, another real world, not a TV. From his point of view, the Internet-soldier paints false picture. But against that lie there is no argument. This is because the monitor is easy and painless to write passively. (…)

I gave the man the answer to this nagging question: what really people living in the Donbass are experiencing. Not everyone, of course, but most. Especially Russian people of the war zone, devotees put into Minsk areas.

First of all is the sense of (?) and powerlessness. You have been humiliated. Your oppressors and punishers elevated and legalized. And to experience lighter the death of your relatives, you have sent KaMaZ Trucks with anesthetic “pshonka” (TV24 news presenter) and write alleviating tales on the Internet.

It is very painful to realize that it will never show on any channel of Russian TVs (under Putin, of course), but that feeling is impossible to put somewhere. Looks like we’re gonna die with this pain.

The Russians think that TV Shows with KAMAZ Trucks and other iron, the inhabitants of Donbass perceive as they are “supposed” to perceive it. But on this side of the ribbons, everything is seen differently. Without powdering and body-mantras of state propagandists. After all, people need not war, but peace and acceptance. And it is not. Perhaps the war is just needed to the monster-shareholders of Russian state and their partners.

I have described the man the standard situation and asked him to answer how he would do it.

The situation goes as follows.

Imagine that at the entrance to home/house bandits attack a young man. With bats and brass knuckles. With great effort victim crawls up to the door of the apartment where the parents live and bloody broken fingers reaches for the call. The door opens, but instead to involve his son in the apartment, the father stares at the picture in the entrance and said, ” No, no, that’s not my son. Mine at home. Such have not found.” Yes you look at his puffy face so genetically he cannot be my son. “Guys, in general, you here, maybe you break through peacefully, we have to go to work tomorrow morning, so noisy now, what about?” And closes the door.

The beating continues. Periodically, the mom and pop again, open the door and while mom moaning, washes down with humanitarian Zelenka oil her lacerated son, meanwhile father pours the bandits tea, offers to buy from them a cigarette for a discount, he jokes about the weather and the international situation. And peeking in through the door gap brothers and sisters saying, “Oh, come on! Get up! You’re not so up! We smeared you with green ointment, we’ve done so much for you and you want them broken into our apartment?”

Now the crux of the event. The son knows father always keeps behind the doora loaded shotgun. Would cost it to get it and the bullies would ran away helter-skelter. But the father acts like a bastard. He’s just not Russian.

After this comparison, the patriot lost the mood. He heard what he would not like to hear. That is contrary to his world view. And not found the answers to the questions. I saw in his eyes the fear, turning once from hatred to sympathy or vice versa. And then I heard the words of a guilty plea.

Russians are not all bad. There’s a chance to save Russia. Recently on one of the branches of the community, “Russia, save Donbass!” was discussion of the need to rename the group. Perhaps we should rename the “Donbass, save Russia!”

Donbass, please save the Russia!

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Westerner Putin Must Loathe All Russians

Putin Profile Department

K: The protracted static and extremely bloody war in Donbass, on territory of DLPR (Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics), is practically going on for two years now. Day after day you may read military “sitreps” or messages about heavy or fierce fighting here and there along the front lines set up nearly two years ago. And all the fights are placed in the same places! The front lines stay put in Donetsk and Lugansk PRs as if cemented. A wonder?

If the fierce battles do not change the front lines
it means
it is not a war per se but World War I alike

genocidal slaughter!

Mr. Putin, the obvious Westerner type, like, among others, his crony Mr. Medvedev known in bloggosphere and other places as Ayphonia “durachok” (iPhone dimwit), must loathe Russians then. I can’t see other explanation.

And the cause of the slaughter is so evident, only idiot might oversee it:

* Ukrops’ goal is to kill as many Russians in Donbass as possible (effective ethnic cleansing method)

* DLPR goal is to… protect Putin’s bank accounts in foreign banks.

– His oligarchic friends’ accounts, too. That’s why the armies of DPR and LPR do not move an inch ahead what might bring peace to Donbass. No way! Putin forebode such actions! Russians were being killed there by thousands, tens of thousands were maimed and crippled and what? Nothing. Those people were not even mentioned in Putin’s comments or Kremlin’s official statements. Those Russians do not exist for them – the puppets occupying Kremlin’s towers.

If Putin allowed to put Donbass in order, the whole Donbass, together with liberated Donbass areas occupied now by illegal Nazi military scum of Kiev’s junta (which Putin recognized), all the accounts would be frozen or robbed as atonement for Crimea and Novorossia. That’s why Putin changed his stance on Novorossia 180 deg in 2014 after Swiss President Didier Burkhalter’s visit (Putin signals compromises after Burkhalter meeting).

The Donbass. Fierce fighting near Donetsk (video)
From:, 24-APR-2016, 14:44

Online published a video of a fierce battle Mat with the army DND in the area of Marinka near Donetsk (video on positions of the APU).

Enticing speech
From: El Murid, 24-APR-2016 09:11 pm

(Click to enlarge)

(…) However, turning to Donbass, the States will be resolving this problem too. Small steps policy in combination with the tactics of the Anaconda is nothing new. Everything has already happened many times at different times (applied) against different regimes. Not always successfully – e.g. with Iran, but there, where at the helm of a country are traitors, Americans themselves experience no problems. The Kremlin has already betrayed compatriots, throwing 20 million people’s fate under a steamroller of Nazi junta. Left to betray another 2-3 millions – a mere trifle (about Crimea – Kassander). (…)

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K: Here was to be placed King Crimson’s Epitaph but youtube versions are utter shit – lyrics are falsified and songs intentionally processed to sound as if creeping out from underground sewage pipes. I’m sorry. The best sound track EVER is nowhere to find.

Nota bene, “Epitaph” it’s good title for the end of free Internet and blogosphere as such, too. What’s more and tragic, all Internet layers of social networks are slowly turning into crappy froth. Definition of the “crappy froth” excellently describes why all popular Internet services created by all known or the best columnists and commenters will never gain popularity of MSM, or equal powerful political influence in the political world and strong “truth” clout.


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“In the Wake of Poseidon”

“In The Wake Of Poseidon”

Plato’s spawn cold ivyed eyes
Snare truth in bone and globe.
Harlequins coin pointless games
Sneer jokes in parrot’s robe.
Two women weep, Dame Scarlet Screen
Sheds sudden theater rain,
Whilst dark in dream the Midnight Queen
Knows every human pain.

In air, fire, earth and water
World on the scales.
Air, fire, earth and water
Balance of change
World on the scales
On the scales.

Bishop’s kings spin judgement’s blade
Scratch “Faith” on nameless graves.
Harvest hags Hoard ash and sand
Rack rope and chain for slaves
Who fire side fear fomented words
Then rear to spoil the feast;
Whilst in the aisle the mad man smiles
To him it matters least.

Heroes hands drain stones for blood
To whet the scaling knife.
Magi blind with visions light
Net death in dread of life.
Their children kneel in Jesus till
They learn the price of nail;
Whilst all around our mother earth
Waits balanced on the scales.

From AZLyrics

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