Newrussia Gazetteer

Update: Feb 04, 2016

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Acronyms, Abbreviations

LDNR -> LDPR (Lugansk and Donetsk People’s Republic)

DNR -> DPR (Donetsk People’s Republic)
Donetsk National Republic (DNR) -> Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR)
DND -> DPR (Donetsk People’s Republic)

LNR -> LPR (Lugansk People’s Republic)
Luhansk National Republic -> Lugansk People’s Republic (LPR)
OD “DONETSK REPUBLIC” -> Social Movement Donietsk Republic (LPR)

the new Russia -> New Russia, Novorossia, Novorossiya

AFU -> UAF (Ukraine Armed Forces) = NOT correctly AFU (Armed Forces of Ukraine)
APU -> VSU below
Mat -> UAF (Ukraine Armed Forces) = ВСУ (Вооружённые Cилы Украины)
DRG -> correctly: RSG (Reconnaissance Sabotage Group) = РДГ (разведовательно-диверсионная группа) = NOT correctly: DRG (Diversion Reconnaissance Group)
VSN -> NatGuard, NatsGuards = ВСН (Вооружённые Cилы Hациональнoй гвардии)
VSN -> NAF (Novorossiya Armed Forces) = ВСН (Вооружённые Cилы Новороссии)
VSU -> UAF (Ukraine Armed Forces) = ВСУ (Вооружённые Cилы Украины)
MGB -> MPS (The Ministry Of Public Security) = МГБ (Министерство Государственной Безопасности)

N. p. -> (н.п.) ?
ОБСЕ -> (Организации по безопасности и сотрудничеству в Европе) = OSCE (Organization for security and cooperation in Europe).


ACS -> SAU = SPA (Self-Propelled Artillery), SPH (Self-Propelled Howitzers): (Msta-S), Hyacinth-S = Гиацинт-С = Giatsint-S, Hyacinth-B = Гиацинт-Б = Giatsint-B

Expressions, Words

unravelment -> 1) disentangle, 2) (укровермахт) Ukie Whermacht
netshadow -> (нацгадов) nationalist reptiles, natz/nats reptiles
Germans -> NatsGuards, National Guards, “nationalist units”
punisher(s) -> assassination units of Ukie thugs
Dill -> Ukrop, Ukry, (Ukrainians)

Cities, Towns, Villages, Settlements, Hamlets

Alder -> (Ольховое) Olhovoye
Avdiivka -> (Авдеевка) Avdeevka, Avdeyevka
Highland -> (Горское) Gorskoye
Happiness -> (Счастье) Schaste
Iziums -> (Изюм) Resins
Gladkova -> (Гладковка) Gladkovka
Gold -> (Золотое) Zolotoye
Granit -> () Granitnoye
Horlivka -> (Горловкa) Gorlovka
Kyiv -> () Kiev
Lenin -> (Ленинское) Leniskoye
Lower -> (Нижнее) Nizhnieye
Luhansk -> (Луганск) Lugansk
Mahmuda -> (Бахмутка) Bakhmutka
Majors -> (Майорск) Mayorsk
Mariupol -> (Мариуполь) Mariupol
October -> (Октябрьский) Oktiabrskyi
Plant -> (Авдеевка) Avdeevka, Avdeyevka
Peter -> (Петровское) Petrovskoye
Red Liman -> () Krasny Liman
Sands -> (Пески) Peski
Thin -> (Тоненькое) Tonenkoye
Town -> (Авдеевка) Avdeevka, Avdeyevka
Trechispora -> (Трёхизбенка) Triohizbienka, Tryokhizbyonka
Water -> (Водяное) Vodianoye
White stove -> (Белая Каменка) Belaya Kamienka
Volnovaha -> (Волновахa) Volnovaha
yenakiieve -> (Ена́киево) Yenakiyevo

? -> (?) Maloorlovka
? -> (?) Nikishino
? -> (?) Staroynatovka
? -> (?) Zamorhniye
? -> (?) Fachevka
? -> (?) Pervomaisk
? -> (?) Vesydaya Gora

Update: Jan 10, 2016
I’ve changed pages’ names to get it ready for further works on them.

Update: Dec 23, 2015
The dictionary had developed thru this year into a long list. Alas, I’ve lost it. Well, on the other hand a lot of things happened during this year which kept me far from writing anything. But when the need arises I will get back to the New Russia Gazetteer. Stay tuned.

Update: Nov 21, 2014
It appears that Yandex is using Ukie translations, shame for Yandex! Additionally a lot of words and shorts are used differently. No one put an order in the <"language stable". Eg. "Avdiivka" is (was?) "Kyiv" Etc.

Update: Nov 14, 2014
Kassander’s New Russia Gazetteer, former Kassander’s Dictionary, earlier Dictionary For Yandex, it is a sort of vocabulary auxiliary to Yandex Translator, to say the truth. It was created to ease reading texts translated by Yandex translator both to interested bloggers and especially for me. 🙂 Why?

Yandex is Russian on-line translator known for making a lot of important errors in Russian to English translations which too many times renders them incomprehensible. Practically every auto translations must be corrected. The necessary tasks are exceedingly exhausting and take out too much time. What’s more, parts of the translated texts are deleted from translations! So they ought to be checked against Russian sources and deem it to be mandatory. Be aware of the events.

The “dictionary for Yandex” is prepared ad hoc by myself. It comes in handy many times during works for the blog.