Putin Grabbed His Chair With Iron Jaws, So He’ll Lose Them Soon, Or a Head, Too

Kremlin Betrayal Department

Very true, very bitter and very tragic remark.
Putin is Russian rotten apple. Period.

What you can read here is a black on white proof, written by El Murid, how deeply Kremlin and personally Putin, are immersed in a crap and the specific stench of Putin’s whoreness.

El Murid didn’t open my eyes, I’ve been knowing that thanks to my research in the last few months. My posts may prove that. The question is – whether and when(!) Putin will be removed from his post – evolutionary or revolutionary it doesn’t matter. Russia needs the change and for a strong person, loving Russians and Great New Russia of Russian World, the new Great Russia which will be born from Novorossia.

From: El Murid, 11-may-2016 11:14 am

(Click to enlarge) From Putin has Erected a New Kind of ‘Propaganda State,’ Yakovenko Says

Today is another anniversary. This time we are talking about the anniversary of a vital opening – May 11, President Putin revealed that Russian are of two types – necessary and unnecessary. Useful and useless. Russian Crimea were useful – and Russia came to the rescue before the people of the Crimea expressed their will in a referendum on March 16. Russian Donbass turned out to be unnecessary ballast – and Russia ignored the will of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions, expressed in the referendum on May 11 on its quest to repeat Crimean scenario and to return Home.

(Click to enlarge)

No matter what, that the May 11 referendum was held under the sounds of the bursts, explosions and assassinations of those who decided to remain human beings – the Kremlin clique has already decided their fate and decided unequivocally, so, therefore no referendum had a significance. He just about wiped his feet.

11 May was a watershed day just for the Donbass rebellion, after that, the betrayal of the Kremlin could not be hidden. Court advocacy began to jump, starting to tell about “didn’t promise Them anything”, and after a couple of weeks, Poroshenko stained with the blood of Russians, became known not only as a partner and the best choice of the Ukrainian people.

(Click to enlarge)

In these two years nothing has changed – the Kremlin is using the people of Donbass as hostages. Putting women and children in front of him, as did the Nazis.

However, there is a caveat. It lies in the fact that Putin and his “vertical”, strictly speaking, it is impossible to apply the concept of “betrayal”. Putin was never the President of Russia, he was and remains President of that bunch, which seized the country during the two coups and Rob her for a quarter century. Towards them to speak about any “betrayal” is not necessary – here, everything is in order. The country and the people for these people is just a resource, so they solve the problem of the effective use of this resource to its maximum duration of a robbery.

Russian Donbass and Ukraine for the Russian oligarchy are not a resource. They are not the solution, they are the problem. Freeing Ukraine from the partners, the Kremlin clique will need to develop, to rebuild, to contain. Pure balance here clearly does not converge – Ukraine looks to the Kremlin a valuable acquisition, and therefore not needed. Neither the territory nor the people. They are with their useless ballast not know what to do, why are they still a stranger.

May 11, 2014 was the end of all illusions about the current regime in the Kremlin. He finally ceased to hide their anti-people person, believing that enough propaganda to light makeup to cover up the obvious. It should be noted that in many respects he succeeds. At least for now. Although puzzled questions arise from very many. While this is only questions.

Obvious after 11 May became one thing: the solution to all current problems is in the Kremlin. As long as Russia will be ruled by the regime of oligarchs, the country never, under any circumstances, will not be able to get out of the impasse into which it fell after 91 years.

It doesn’t matter who will be President and who will lick propagandists, calling different delightful epithets. Not in the character business. The people of Russia, both current and future of the Great Russia, when this power will remain at helm, it will be humiliated, robbed and separated. And on May 11 was the date when this discovery was recorded finally.

Like any opening, it will have three stages: “it can’t be”, “something’s in it”, “well, who never knew that!”. As for now we’re somewhere between the first and second stage. But anyway the third one is inevitable.

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3 Responses to Putin Grabbed His Chair With Iron Jaws, So He’ll Lose Them Soon, Or a Head, Too

  1. Artem says:

    Пшемыслав, косвенные данные говорят о том, что все эти топовые писатели Живого Журнала (Эль-Мюрид тоже) финансируются из Кремля. Мюрид – это “свисток” для выпуска пара. Такой же деятель как и Кунгуров.
    Хотя, конечно, в статье все написано верно.
    С уважением, Артем


    • У меня были похожие чувства. Тем не менее, Эль-Мюрид сыграл свою роль “предохранительного клапана”, пока он пытался быть искренним, но хороший. Некоторое время, несколько месяцев назад он вырвался из “контроля” и начал писать о Кремлевской банды и целевые стратегии Путина, используя простой язык, но с щепоткой насмешек. Он стал горький и злой, а если количество боли, которую он был в состоянии стоять перешел свой предел. Так, его изменение не удивительно для меня.

      Кстати. Путин не тот человек, которому суждено было спасти Россию, как раз наоборот, он был промежуточным решением, марионетка для создания условия для того, чтобы сделать нового лидера(ов), который бы смог возглавить большой Новороссии.

      П.С. Яркую точку Путина в его делах было ядерного Aegis, когда он перешел все финансовые и технологические источники для ядерного оружия. Он спас Россию на некоторое время, но тоже его дружки счетов на Каймановых Oстровах и в Лондон-Сити. И так, разграбление России происходит…

      I had similar feelings. Nonetheless, El Murid played his role of “safety valve” until he tried to be sincere but nice. Some time few months ago he broke loose from the “control” and started to write about Kremlin gangs and Putin’s ad hoc policies using simple language but with pinch of derision. He became bitter and spiteful, as if the amount of pain he was able to stand crossed his limit. So, his change is no wonder to me.

      BTW. Putin is not the man who was destined to save Russia, just contrary, he was an interim solution, a puppet to create conditions to make new leader(s) who would be able to take the helm of Great New Russia.
      My regards,

      P. S. Putin’s bright point in his doings was nuclear aegis, when he moved all financial and technological sources to nuclear weapons. He saved Russia for a time being then, but his cronies accounts in Cayman Islands and in London City too. And so, the plunder of Russia was going on…


  2. Artem says:

    “to make new leader(s) who would be able to take the helm of Great New Russia”

    А Вы их видите вообще, хотя бы “в зародыше”? Я не вижу. Вообще.


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