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Novorossia Department

Pain and a feat of Saur-Grave
From: News Front, 09 January 2016, 16:56, by Irina Popova

(Click to enlarge) May 2016

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From the summit of Saur-Grave was exposed to fire only the route that fall in the “pot” 72nd and 79th airmobile and 24th mechanized brigade of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine could come reinforcements.
However, the decline of the aircraft has not reduced the intensity of the struggle from Saur-Graves. And at the end of July to protect the height from the APU was sent to the platoon of the battalion “Vostok”. His total strength amounted to only 32 people. He commanded a platoon Oleg G. Grishin (call sign “Bear”) is a native of Donetsk, the warrior-the Afghan commander of the order of the red banner and red Star, medal “For distinction in guarding the state border of the USSR”, in the years of peace – an ordinary public servant.

Oleg G. so skillfully was able to organize the defense that a handful of men, ready to sacrifice, lasted 13 days and destroyed a large amount of manpower and equipment of the enemy.

During the confrontation, only five of them survived, the rest perished. Grishin was awarded the title of Hero of the DNI (posthumously).
The secret of such defensive efficiency simple, terrible and harsh. The militia called the fire of his own artillery. Here is how those events recalls artillery militia:”I Remember one of the fighters of the “Vostok” after the shelling by our artillery, contacting his command, said, “Well fired, just over our heads, now dig out, and again I have to adjust””.
May 7 to Saur-the Grave on the holiday festivities on the occasion of Victory Day gathered community, the veterans and the leadership of the Republic. Saluting the heroes of the soldiers of the great Patriotic war who won world, the head of DNR Alexander Zakharchenko said firmly: “In 1943 you could here break the backbone of the Germans! We, your grandchildren, were able to defeat the Nazis in 2014. Our people have one trait: we always win, win and win we will! I want to say a huge thank you for what you did. Thank you for what you give us – your children — were able to convey the fire that burns in your hearts.We promise you that we will give this fire to our children.” (…)

(Click to enlarge) The graves of the defenders of height on top

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