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The defense Ministry is reviving military education
From: politikus, 6-05-2016,

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In modern Russia grows bet on professional military education. The earlier you undertake the education of the future defender of the Fatherland, the better the result. In this regard, the Russian defense Minister, army General Sergei Shoigu and Acting Governor of Tula region Alexey Dyumin today launched the reconstruction of the Tula Suvorov military school (TSWU).

Besides, pupils of military schools can serve the state and in areas unrelated to military service. Needless to TSVU boasts not only graduates who became generals and colonels, but scholars and athletes.

The military in Russia has always been more than just well-trained soldiers, they were and are builders, scientists and specialists in different fields of national life and military discipline and stamina give them an edge in achieving their goals.

After the collapse of the USSR was closed a lot of military schools, not to them then was, as a result, there was a deficit of highly qualified personnel, which is now at the government level tasked to close. Because in the region, to create a scientific-production company, and is preparing the opening of the military Department of the Tula state University.

Do not bypass the revival of military education and other regions. After all, not only by the Tula masters-gunsmiths famous our country, there are Izhevsk and Carpets, Tagil and Omsk and many other cities with its glorious history connected with the protection of the frontiers of the Motherland.

Everything great starts small, so young, yet unknown, cadets will become loud famous names, famous not only throughout Russia, but also far beyond its borders.

Igor And,
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