A Fairy Tale How To Squander Old And New Russian Industries…

Kremlin Induced Russian Pizdets Department

Kassander: Decidedly go to the source page and see the dozens of photos. Modern Russia and traditional pizdets due to Kremlin induced economic troubles (if not cesspool).

Ulyanovsk avionics
From: politikus, 6-05-2016, 13:24

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In Soviet times was a joke that “Soviet microchips are the biggest in the world, and electronics manufacturing has never been a strong point. But the Soviet Union no longer 25 years manufacture of the circuitry destroyed in the 90 years and are now struggling to restore it for defense orders, but the production of electronic products surprisingly it turned out okay.

In Ulyanovsk, I visited the KBP instrument design Bureau (UKBP), which is included in “Concern Radio-Electronic Technologies”. Design Bureau was founded on 24 may 1954 and is one of the leading enterprises AviaPriborProekt industry. The activities of the enterprise based on the development, manufacture and after-sales support systems, avionics systems for aircraft and helicopters, automatic control systems for ground vehicles, hydropower, and medicine.

Today in all Russian planes and helicopters mounted equipment developed by the Ulyanovsk instrument design Bureau and manufactured by the Rock plant. The company has grown from the creation of sensors and Electromechanical devices to the developer and supplier of integrated flight control and navigation systems and high-precision measuring systems for aircraft and helicopters, control systems for military ground vehicles, hydropower, and medicine.

In the group includes about two dozen companies in the same material is simply physically impossible to cover everything. And in one day it is impossible to visit all the companies of the group, spread across many time zones of our country. So look at a small fragment of a modern production of the instrument under air and ground systems. The history of the enterprise you yourself can read on the official website — I will show you (as always in my LJ) that usually don’t show anyone.

Friends, the company operates in the defense industry, and I ask you to show understanding for a large number foto-layed material in the photos.


23. Not the fault of the KB that the project Tu-204SM is frozen again and its prospects are quite vague. Now flies only two bodies belonging to the Tupolev. The other four (in the registry) and are located at the plant “Aviastar-SP” in various stages of readiness (although I’ve seen there are only two).


The complex is already undergoing certification, which should be completed this year. Then will begin the modernization of the flying boards for new equipment. No matter how much I tried to remember, but I think in our country this is the first time such a deep modernization of the onboard equipment of the helicopter.

A huge thank you to all the staff of the design Bureau for their patience, understanding and a very interesting story about the production.

Author Alexander “Russos” Popov
Source: http://russos.livejournal.com/1304046.html

(Click to enlarge) 1. The complex allows enterprises to do the entire process chain from PCB to finished product “turnkey”. Manufacturing support is almost fully automated — first, the robot puts on her special pasta.

(Click to enlarge) 6. Every Board is a visual control.

(Click to enlarge) 7. And technical — on photos inspection of soldering.

(Click to enlarge) 10. Now the company produces not only the avionics design Bureau carries out the adaptation of their developments for modified and newly created objects of ground military and special equipment. One of the first works for this segment of the market was to develop, in cooperation with JSC “NCBS” (Taganrog), multi panel PMF-1-1 and VMF-1 (pictured).These products carry out reception and display of color and black-and-white video information from an external device, the synthesized video information, the exchange of information with external devices, including input and transfer of information to the external device using the built-in push button frame. The presence of the color LCD panel of high resolution with the size of the working field 99х132 mm ensured a high accuracy of reproduction of cartographic information.

(Click to enlarge) 14. Product PMF-5.0, TFM-5.1, TFM-5.2 have an extended set of interfaces including touchpad with multi-touch function, CAN bus, Gigabit Ethernet to receive streaming video, XGA, RS232 etc.

(Click to enlarge) 16. Now, if all components are healthy (and it is guaranteed OTK previous sections), the device is bound to wind up with the move. In fact, what happens.

(Click to enlarge) 18. Indicator INP-1A of equipment for measuring and displaying the vector components of ground speed and drift angle for helicopter systems.

(Click to enlarge) 19. ISPS-148 — the control panel indication for An-148.

(Click to enlarge) 20. But they were all components of the system. And now a full-fledged development of avionics for TU-204SM with a crew of 2 pilots.

(Click to enlarge) 22. The project is fully completed, the Ulyanovsk instrument design Bureau.

(Click to enlarge) 25. The main difference of the complex of the Tu-204SM from the previous models — “e” flight engineer. On pictures NTTSR Director of UIMDB JSC Ivan Manuilov Y. shows the stand for testing the engineering of the avionics.

(Click to enlarge) 26. And the pride of the company — the avionics equipment (CCD-17) for helicopter Mi-171A2.

(Click to enlarge) 27. Is a deep modernization of the well-known family of Mi-8 helicopters.

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