Zakharchenko Has “Spat” In The Face Of… Guess Who’s :)

Independence Donbass Policy Department

But Mr. Z. forgot who’s his head is…

Any papers on the return to Ukraine did not sign
From: etoonda (etoonda) wrote, 2016-05-04 08:31:00

Political position of head of DPR

(Click to enlarge) Left: DPR, Right: LPR Caption: Heads of DPR and LPR have found solutions…

The DNR followed and will try to follow the Minsk agreements. However, if their guarantors will offer LDNR paper, which require the return to Ukraine, then such a leadership of the Republic will not be signed. This was stated by the head of the DND Alexander Zakharchenko.

He stressed that considering “Minsk” nothing more than an opportunity to regain control of the former Donetsk region in all its administrative boundaries, and to return without fighting?.

Zakharchenko has promised that its troops in case of need to quickly put in place all the Ukrainian army. He hopes to enlist in this matter the support of the residents of the LC with which the NPT in the foreseeable future can pass a joint exercise.

Zakharchenko reminded that the DNI and LC share a common ground and a common victory, and for the deaths of civilians republics need to ask the Ukrainian authorities. No documents on the return available to Kiev to Donetsk are not going to sign.

“Absolutely not interested in what solutions in Minsk will be accepted. For me personally Minsk? This is no war, no losses and excess blood the opportunity to bring back their territory, and we believe that the whole Donetsk region — the territory of the DNI. On this basis, the return of our territory without a fight I welcome,” — says Zakharchenko.

However, on the question of the return of Donbass in the Ukraine, he reacts very badly and does not intend to sign any such documents.

“These papers will not sign, and give the order to all troops of the DNI to perceive the movement on the part of Ukraine as an enemy initiative.

We quickly put in place all the Ukrainian army, where she was standing.

I hope that the Lugansk side in this issue I in the case what will support. This is our common ground, our victory. These are our friends and brothers who were killed, our wives and children, whom we buried. For this you need to ask.

Message from militiaman with the call sign “Redoubt”.

“Well, anyway. Despite the nightly burning of the Solarium three dozen tanks in preparation for the parade, in the advanced position of the parts is not the front door!

Daily work of tank crews


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