We Do Not Abandon Ours!

Kremlin Betrayals Department

K: My very bad translation but a bit better than Yandex’s. I beg your pardon for that.

Promises… predictions…
From: bergen_rus, May. 4th, 2016 at 10:13 AM

(Click to enlarge) Right in blood: Russia will save Donbass. Caption: Celebrate, don’t pay attention to Donbass! Victory! HPP (Putin’s Cunning Plan)

Promises… predictions…

And reality is so much scary.
And left abandoned by,
fuck it!, yesterday Patriots.

About Donbass they forgot, the clowns.
In the parade all wear ribbons.
These tapes are stuffed everywhere.
You all would be put at the walls…

They remember the Type, how proud they are…
What d’you remember, ugly drunkard?
You were afraid to go to battle.
When little kids were being killed…

In the grey skies of Donbass are dashes.
There the prayers are not accepted.
Everything was shattered and destroyed.
What’s left – the enemies will get?

“Patriots” shepherd the crowds.
Jab your finger – you’ll fall into “defender”.
“No more slaves we are not!”
Well, for fuck you sit like a kitten?

Here without the Mat does not show up.
“At least you’d shut up, lying bitches.”
“We are good, we all like it.”
There seems to be a truce…

“I can’t walk the streets,
Where with every step I came across the traitors.
Roosters the blind chicken.
You would now be under pressure to butchers.

You all be placed under the terrible shelling,
for all you might see and hear,
To feel the horror of all in houses
That could not be saved under the roofs.

So that death, so thet hopelessness.
Even corpses, fires, explosions.
There was no hope for an Evil God.
And you always stand on a cliff.

Not having a weapon in hand,
Not able to escape from disaster.
The devils persecute his minions
In the hour of bloody madness.

Dead children. Black shadows
to destroyed house crying enter there.
But fighting are the rebellious.
The sounds of battle we hear.

Can’t suggest a solution.
You’ll not solve anything with words.
Only unity is salvation for all.
But the Victory Banner was forgotten.

If you (this is for the record)
don’t trouble the fate of Donbass,
Then shove the ribbons in asses,
Indifferent scoundrels.

Who deigns to do – anything at all.
Than will help the people a bit.
But not standing bravely like wall,
The earth will leave us in pit.


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