“Rodina, Svoboda, Putin” (or Ein Reich, Ein Volk, Ein Führer)

Russian Sheeple Department

Mayday. Bloody holiday. Slaves cheering
From: kungurov, May 1st, 17:07

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In the TV news today pop Gundyaev (Kirill) wind up cotton on Orthodox sheep that wealth is corruptible. From the mouths of billionaires it sounds a bit ambiguous. Well, the hell with it.

The TV shows presented multiple thousands flock of sheep, nope, state employees, walks through Moscow under the blue Union flags and banners of the party of Crooks and Thieves.

– “What are you celebrating today?” – a presstitute (journoslut) pokes a microphone under the nose specially selected actors. Those making inspired spirited up fucked-mugs, responded to her with memorized slogans about the holiday of unity, about the “Russia forward”, about what joy fills their hearts when the country goes from victory to victory. (…)


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