From “Marx, Engels, Lenin” To “Nabiullina, Kudrin, Putin”

Kudroputanitsa Department

From: Maxim Kalashnikov, May 3rd, 2016, 10:26 am

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Maxim Kalashnikov

Kudroputanitsa (Kudrin mess)

An open letter to the industrialists and agrarians of Russia

Wait. Kudrin is now – the future Prime Minister of the Russian Federation. Once again we say goodbye to even a faint hope of appearing in a country of sane economic policy. A bunch of “President Putin – Prime Minister Kudrin, – Central banker Nabiullina ” is a battering ram for the national economy.

You, gentlemen of the national manufacturers, will again get “udachnyi” taxes, crippling interest rates on loans to symbolic subsidies. Again and again triumph of GaidarChubais’ obscurantism. Glazyev was defeated.

You will be eradicated as a class, dear Industrialists and farmers. You don’t need any raw material for feudal bureaucrats, nor arrogant maniacs of monetarists financial-government bloc. It’s time to get out of the crevices, gentlemen. Trying to survive at the expense of allegiance (licking serfdom) failed. Tsar-Batyushka (“King-father”) is ready to make a premier from your strangler. If you will not resist, then you are finished.

Gladly explain his idea. Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin is big (strong, powerful) partly to propaganda and to bold foreign policy steps, but tragically fails in the economy. However, foreign policy is not aimed at the reunification of the Russian people and not on the formation of a broad market for domestic producers, also only ruining the country’s economy. This time, as broadcast some of the regular adorers, the President has decided to switch from Syria and Ukraine to the Russian economy. A poor economy! (…)


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