Westerner Putin Must Loathe All Russians

Putin Profile Department

K: The protracted static and extremely bloody war in Donbass, on territory of DLPR (Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics), is practically going on for two years now. Day after day you may read military “sitreps” or messages about heavy or fierce fighting here and there along the front lines set up nearly two years ago. And all the fights are placed in the same places! The front lines stay put in Donetsk and Lugansk PRs as if cemented. A wonder?

If the fierce battles do not change the front lines
it means
it is not a war per se but World War I alike

genocidal slaughter!

Mr. Putin, the obvious Westerner type, like, among others, his crony Mr. Medvedev known in bloggosphere and other places as Ayphonia “durachok” (iPhone dimwit), must loathe Russians then. I can’t see other explanation.

And the cause of the slaughter is so evident, only idiot might oversee it:

* Ukrops’ goal is to kill as many Russians in Donbass as possible (effective ethnic cleansing method)

* DLPR goal is to… protect Putin’s bank accounts in foreign banks.

– His oligarchic friends’ accounts, too. That’s why the armies of DPR and LPR do not move an inch ahead what might bring peace to Donbass. No way! Putin forebode such actions! Russians were being killed there by thousands, tens of thousands were maimed and crippled and what? Nothing. Those people were not even mentioned in Putin’s comments or Kremlin’s official statements. Those Russians do not exist for them – the puppets occupying Kremlin’s towers.

If Putin allowed to put Donbass in order, the whole Donbass, together with liberated Donbass areas occupied now by illegal Nazi military scum of Kiev’s junta (which Putin recognized), all the accounts would be frozen or robbed as atonement for Crimea and Novorossia. That’s why Putin changed his stance on Novorossia 180 deg in 2014 after Swiss President Didier Burkhalter’s visit (Putin signals compromises after Burkhalter meeting).

The Donbass. Fierce fighting near Donetsk (video)
From: cigr.net, 24-APR-2016, 14:44

Online published a video of a fierce battle Mat with the army DND in the area of Marinka near Donetsk (video on positions of the APU).

Enticing speech
From: El Murid, 24-APR-2016 09:11 pm

(Click to enlarge)

(…) However, turning to Donbass, the States will be resolving this problem too. Small steps policy in combination with the tactics of the Anaconda is nothing new. Everything has already happened many times at different times (applied) against different regimes. Not always successfully – e.g. with Iran, but there, where at the helm of a country are traitors, Americans themselves experience no problems. The Kremlin has already betrayed compatriots, throwing 20 million people’s fate under a steamroller of Nazi junta. Left to betray another 2-3 millions – a mere trifle (about Crimea – Kassander). (…)


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