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K: This time redacted, Yandex translation was, ekhm…., tragic.

From: volk-donbass (volk1_donbass) wrote, 2016-04-24 21:30:00

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Just talked to one Russian patriot. Quite a serious patriot, believing in a happy future for Russia with President Putin, confident in the fact that the region is already whole in chocolate, because of tanks, guns, ammo and “gumanitarka” (humanitarian help) be enough for the less beings. What means that everything is okay and mnogohodovok did beat them all.

The conversation was difficult, but you have no idea the person was breaking the template. The fact is he lived in a sort of information world where everything is clear. Said on TV that the Donbass undergoes Minsk agreements (doings) and the person believes. He can’t not believe it, he got so accustomed to. And as for the collar come mines, how the person would know when the TV is lying?

The man had been convinced that Internet has the correct groups and bloggers who cover events in the world and the Donbass. And if any “raccoons” or “polite people” wrote that in Syria lies the fate of the Russian Donbass, so it is (it has to be it). But where is Syria and where is the Donbass? What’s the connection? No, it isn’t. And that’s all understand. But they say that braces, sacredness and so forth, and there is nothing else to invent for another reality.

But those who speak otherwise they are a fifth column, liberasts, paid bots and the likes. So they said. So supposedly they think. They exist, but they should be ignored and cleared.

And suddenly before the person, face to face, appears an individual with a different picture, another real world, not a TV. From his point of view, the Internet-soldier paints false picture. But against that lie there is no argument. This is because the monitor is easy and painless to write passively. (…)

I gave the man the answer to this nagging question: what really people living in the Donbass are experiencing. Not everyone, of course, but most. Especially Russian people of the war zone, devotees put into Minsk areas.

First of all is the sense of (?) and powerlessness. You have been humiliated. Your oppressors and punishers elevated and legalized. And to experience lighter the death of your relatives, you have sent KaMaZ Trucks with anesthetic “pshonka” (TV24 news presenter) and write alleviating tales on the Internet.

It is very painful to realize that it will never show on any channel of Russian TVs (under Putin, of course), but that feeling is impossible to put somewhere. Looks like we’re gonna die with this pain.

The Russians think that TV Shows with KAMAZ Trucks and other iron, the inhabitants of Donbass perceive as they are “supposed” to perceive it. But on this side of the ribbons, everything is seen differently. Without powdering and body-mantras of state propagandists. After all, people need not war, but peace and acceptance. And it is not. Perhaps the war is just needed to the monster-shareholders of Russian state and their partners.

I have described the man the standard situation and asked him to answer how he would do it.

The situation goes as follows.

Imagine that at the entrance to home/house bandits attack a young man. With bats and brass knuckles. With great effort victim crawls up to the door of the apartment where the parents live and bloody broken fingers reaches for the call. The door opens, but instead to involve his son in the apartment, the father stares at the picture in the entrance and said, ” No, no, that’s not my son. Mine at home. Such have not found.” Yes you look at his puffy face so genetically he cannot be my son. “Guys, in general, you here, maybe you break through peacefully, we have to go to work tomorrow morning, so noisy now, what about?” And closes the door.

The beating continues. Periodically, the mom and pop again, open the door and while mom moaning, washes down with humanitarian Zelenka oil her lacerated son, meanwhile father pours the bandits tea, offers to buy from them a cigarette for a discount, he jokes about the weather and the international situation. And peeking in through the door gap brothers and sisters saying, “Oh, come on! Get up! You’re not so up! We smeared you with green ointment, we’ve done so much for you and you want them broken into our apartment?”

Now the crux of the event. The son knows father always keeps behind the doora loaded shotgun. Would cost it to get it and the bullies would ran away helter-skelter. But the father acts like a bastard. He’s just not Russian.

After this comparison, the patriot lost the mood. He heard what he would not like to hear. That is contrary to his world view. And not found the answers to the questions. I saw in his eyes the fear, turning once from hatred to sympathy or vice versa. And then I heard the words of a guilty plea.

Russians are not all bad. There’s a chance to save Russia. Recently on one of the branches of the community, “Russia, save Donbass!” was discussion of the need to rename the group. Perhaps we should rename the “Donbass, save Russia!”

Donbass, please save the Russia!


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