K: Here was to be placed King Crimson’s Epitaph but youtube versions are utter shit – lyrics are falsified and songs intentionally processed to sound as if creeping out from underground sewage pipes. I’m sorry. The best sound track EVER is nowhere to find.

Nota bene, “Epitaph” it’s good title for the end of free Internet and blogosphere as such, too. What’s more and tragic, all Internet layers of social networks are slowly turning into crappy froth. Definition of the “crappy froth” excellently describes why all popular Internet services created by all known or the best columnists and commenters will never gain popularity of MSM, or equal powerful political influence in the political world and strong “truth” clout.



About veraser

Debian user who's fond of Yandex, Vivaldi, Links2 and Firefox browsers. He likes to shoot pictures.
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