How To Save Novorossia From Genocide

Russian P-ts Department

Kassander’s Cunning Plan:

Families of Kremlin elite, namely
et al,
should be deported to
Donetsk and Lugansk Republics

ONLY the drastic acts will make
the mutherfuckers to move their asses
to sent airborne divisions to Novorossia
and liberate Russians from genocide!

As for now, everyone well paid
aka whole hordes of MFs from
Poland, USA, Israel, Turkey, Georgia,
Canada, UK, and many other countries
are running through Novorossian steppes at will,
to the obvious joy of Mr. Putin.

Shame on Russia!
Shame on Putin!
Shame on rotten Kremlin!
Shame on Russian Army!

Kiev has moved to the frontline of the Turkish mercenaries of the people’s militia
From: SouthEast, April 23, 2016

(Click to enlarge)

Kiev security forces have deployed to the frontline in the village Bolotnoe Stanichno-the Lugansk area the unit of Turkish mercenaries. This was announced today at a briefing in Luganskinform said the official representative of the defense Ministry of the Republic major General Andrey Marochko.

“According to available information headquarters on the Eastern outskirts of the settlement Bolotnoe on the territory of a private household, marked up to 20 mercenaries from Turkey in small arms”, – he said.

“Also, in areas of settlements of PPE and Bolotnoe marked the placement of the unit, intended for special operations, whose main task is to conduct sabotage activities on the territory of the Republics,” said the major.

Marochko previously reported that the Kyiv security forces in violation of the Minsk agreements was transferred to the district of the villages of Luhansk with tanks, foreign mercenaries, and also noted that the Kiev authorities are attracted by the composition of forces in the zone of the so-called “ATO”, foreign mercenaries.

Also in the village Bolotnoe, according to the mayor, had already been placed divisions of the Crimean Tatar mercenaries. (…)


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