Dugin’s Guidelines XV

Dugin’s Guidelines Department

Eternal Iran: working trip of the group “Katehon” and the “Constantinople” in Iran
From: Katehon, 21.04.2016

Hello, you are watching a program Dugin’s Guideline. The delegation of analytical center Katehon and management of our channel just returned from the Islamic Republic of Iran. Please share your impressions.

What can I say: Iran is inspiring. In the country mode is set to pure idiocrasy. At the forefront of the spirit, faith, thought and prayer. But everything else – the economy, the administration, the bureaucracy, the industry is subject to high feasibility. It is a system Velayati-faqih, the rule of the wise and knowledgeable. Thus they rule not from myself, but from the spiritual authority – the hidden Imam, and the phenomena they are expecting – and even this expectation is spelled out in the Constitution. I can’t believe we live in the 21st century. Eternal Iran, it is spring blooming and fragrant.I was particularly struck by Isfahan: incredibly beautiful charming city with beautiful gardens and bridges, complete Iranian intelligentsia, a prostitute at night and reading each other poems of the great Iranian poets. Open and focused on the spirit of the people. Don’t believe the propaganda, Iran is perhaps the most safe and friendly place now among the Eastern countries. (…)

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