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K: I’m afraid Mr. Dugin shares here his wishful thinking. Trump is a front man only in presidential race, he will be forced soon to lead the US through “others’ commands”. To fulfill Mr. Dugin’s Guideline forecasts, Mr. Trump had to be leader of “deep in shadow” American forces going to throw off the neocons’, Israeli lobbyists’ and American Jews’ yoke.

BTW. See that contents, not much important or interesting but a sign to follow at least:

Trump’s Front Row Jew Boys
From: Real Jew News, By Brother Nathanael Kapner, April 20, 2016

(Click to enlarge)

“OUR JOBS ARE BEING SUCKED OUT of this country,” Trump warned in his victory speech celebrating his win in the New York primary last night.

Not only his family, but Trump’s Jewish business buddies—big players in New York City finance and real estate—stood with him in the front row.


THAT MAY BE well and good.

But for the White Supreme “Trumpeteers” who think Donald is the “great white hope”…these kind of statements by his front row boys don’t quite live up to their hope. (…)

The US decided on the candidates: Trump vs. Clinton
From: 4threvolutionarywar, April 20, 2016, by Akira

After the US presidential candidates have decided, the Russian sixth column is seriously threatened. The fact is that if Trump wins, the sixth column, not to mention the fifth, will simply no longer be needed by America. Trump naturally prefers to speak with Moscow through the agency of influence, even the most high-level and located on the higher floors of the Russian authorities, but also directly with Putin. And, most importantly: He is already understands that this is the most effective and direct way to normalize relations with Russia.

[ The usual, transliterated text was removed from the Russian sites (e.g. Katehon, Tsargrad), Youtube canceled Auto subtitles too. Let’s hope someone will create Russian text which might be translated then. ]

Oh, vot, here it is. 🙂 (From Katehon) (I added corrections in parentheses)

Hello, You are watching a Dugin’s Guideline. After the primaries in New York a couple of candidates for the U.S. presidential election (have been) finally decided. (Those are) Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump.

And how interesting that the preliminary selection of participants of the final race of the presidential race will affect the Russian elite? The situation is actually quite interesting and even piquant. The fact is that inside Russian elite, there are strong patterns of American agents of influence – the fifth column in uncompromising opposition, it lies directly on the content of the U.S. State Department, and more importantly the sixth column. The sixth column consists of quite loyal to the President at first glance the political and economic elite sharing nevertheless liberal views. It is a network of liberals and including latent liberals in power.

Sixth elite is not financed directly by U.S. intelligence, unlike the fifth. It is associated with the West more subtle thread – through family, through storage of stolen funds in the Western banks and securities, and finally, a sincere – and this happens – admiration for the West and its civilization. The sixth column of the systemic liberals (syslibs) are much more dangerous and more efficient fifth – although in fact their worldview in general (is) the same. She constantly lobbies – sometimes very elaborately – American and NATO interests, restraining any undertaking Patriotic nature, any steps towards a real increase of Russian sovereignty.

So after the U.S. presidential candidates was determined, the Russian sixth column (would be) seriously threatened. The fact is that if Trump wins, the whole sixth column, not to mention fifth, America simply will not be needed. Clearly Trump nature will prefer to talk with Moscow through the agents of influence even the most senior and highest levels of the Russian government, and directly with Putin. And most importantly, he will immediately see that this is the most effective and direct way to normalize relations with Russia. If America with Trump stops its imperialist expansion, (through) Trump promises to the voters, we (will) have no reason for conflict. Anti-Americanism will lose its base and two of the strongest world leaders Putin and Trump will be able to say on most issues. (Returning) from the Wilson Doctrine to the Monroe Doctrine (will make us) all free.

But if (he was) defeated by Hillary Clinton? For the sixth column is also a huge risk. Hilary openly hates Russia and is therefore against our position, even tougher than Obama. Behind her are possessed neocons which require more imperialism, more aggression, more American hegemony. (Sovereign Russia and current) President (are) the main obstacles in their way. In this case, Washington will throw all forces on preparation of a color revolution in attempt to overthrow the current government. And in that, they need first of all the fifth column – that is, of radical opposition, and where will be sent to fixed assets. Here, active traitors and liberals will rejoice, true hope, but the joy will be short-lived. Because the National Guard for something was created.

But the sixth column would have even harder if Clinton (was elected). From her Washington home will require active actions, will begin to threaten and blackmail. Thus part of this network will be (burning) with need. As slept on the Khodorkovsky and Kasyanov, Voloshin, notable figures in the sixth column in the previous step. Clinton will require their wards in the Russian elite to act against the President and the patriots more effectively. And again, see point about the National Guard. Lord, open and latent liberals and Westerners will pick you up. This is a short forecast of the consequences of the American primaries for the Russian sixth column.

Goodbye you watched a Dugin’s (Guideline) addressed to the Russian sixth column in connection with the American primaries.

You can start packing right now.

See the program archive – http://tsargrad.tv/


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2 Responses to Dugin’s Guidelines XIV

  1. Jenine says:

    Hello you racist idiot

    Trump’s daughter is Jewish, and this is only news to complete morons like the one who runs realjewnews

    When a Russian signs up with Neo-Nazis, does he plan to murder his own family and then throw himself into the oven?

    Or is he waiting for his new “friends” to do this for him?



  2. Good Lord!
    Wherever to look at or open anything in Russia – Putin (liar/traitor).
    Wherever to look at or open anything in the US – a Jew (neocon/Zionist).
    Damn world p-ts…

    BTW. What Lithuanian Mr. Benjamin Mileikowski (aka “Netanyahu”) [http://bit.ly/1Sn4glQ] was doing in Moscow today?


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