Vielikaya Rossiya! Oh, Yeessss, Truly Vielikaya!

Russian Lowlifes Department

K: Yep, the Great Russia in naked state… with 54 year old teacher(!) blabbing out about “her rights to privacy” opening her all orifices to the camera and Internet. To life! Rossiya! To life!

I’m not against Russia or Russians, far from that. I’m disgusted with Russian media. Look at them (in Russian) in your free time, mainly MSM outlets, and check yourself how low they slipped down to the Western tabloid levels – “every news on everything on one page” (compare to the UK Mail On-line). So much for my “hate of Russians”.

Caught in the net BDSM photo shoot broke the career of 54-year-old Oryol teacher
From: Life News,

(Click to enlarge)

The experienced teacher had to write the application at own will after scandalous photos became public.

The Network began to spread the photos, the history teacher of one of schools of the city of Orel, where a 54-year-old teacher not only fully naked but also actively using BDSM paraphernalia – chains, collar and clamps for different parts of the body. Life found a teacher who is credited with candid shots and figured out how they could be in the public domain for her colleagues and students.

— These photos were really me, — confessed the 54-year-old Veronica Z. — But I’m not lecturing, never been published, I take pictures for myself. Another thing that photoshoot someone posted on the Internet, thus violating my right to privacy. (…)


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