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From: volk-donbass (volk1_donbass) wrote, 2016-04-13 14:12:00

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Recently remembered how in her childhood visited the pioneer camp “Molodogvardeets” on the banks of the Seversky Donets. Wanted to find photos of the camp as it looks now. And not found. Launched a satellite card and it too found nothing but two some obscure buildings instead of two dozen buildings, wide avenues, monuments.

(I) Launched dozens of searches, but (I) found nothing, unless multiple announcements about the sale of pioneer camps, including building materials.

Such situation is present in whole Russia and Ukraine, DPR and LPR and in other treacherously abandoned by Moscow republics of our Motherland. (They) Built earlier, (they) ruin now. Some want to argue that it is right? That it is the correct way they go the dear comrades Putin and Waltman?

Yes, it’s genocide! Not even going to list where these pictures. Doesn’t matter. So everywhere, in each area. It’s not even photos. This is evidence of the crime of the century. And the universal testimony of a deep dehumanization and loss of morality.

For some 25 years, they stole from the people history, education, culture, they have stolen and destroyed even the reminder of what should be our Fatherland. Stole, first of all, the children and grandchildren. And that means the future of Russia.

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