Relaxed, Confident And Reassured

Kremlin Elites Department

From: chipstone, Apr. 14th, 2016 at 3:43 PM

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Looked relaxed, confident and relaxed.
Showed good subject knowledge in all areas.
Showed a good sense of humor.
Reassured the public, instilled confidence in the future.
Showed modesty in his personal life, confirmed for all the curious, that everything is OK.
Defended national agriculture and little industry.
Gently rebuked the negligent officials.
Showed a healthy conservatism.
Put once again in a puddle of critics, who found him the next billions.
Anything impossible is not promised.
Showed concern about the problems of ordinary people and compassion.
Seeded buns a little suffering.
Affirmed the sovereignty and independence of foreign policy.
Gently patted the shoulder of the American President and indifferently looked at sinking Turkish.
Initiated a couple of criminal cases and even more checks.
Many of the issues highlighted are quite detailed and convincing.
Competently left from answers to slippery questions.

the Next session of mass psychotherapy conducted successfully.


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