National Guards of Russian Capitalists

Russia Police State Department

Hurrah-Patriotic hysteria
From: politshturm, Apr. 8th, 2016 at 8:49 PM

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It seems that the recent offshore scandal linked with the first persons of the state, as well as the creation of so-called “National guard” to protect the oligarchy, became a kind of “carte-Blanche” for various kinds of manual “deputies” and “senators” from the authorities, who began vying with each other to push more and more anti-people (or just stupid) initiative under the auspices of “patriotism”. Judge for yourself:

1) “Deputy Chairman of the state Duma Aleksandr Romanovich (Fair Russia) has proposed to create in Russia a single centre for the coordination of propaganda like the ideological Department of the CPSU Central Committee.


The document also proposed to expand the number of cases in which is introduced the counter-terrorism operation. Now WHO is declared to prevent a terrorist attack. The bill proposes to introduce a regime for the prevention and detection of crime under article “hostage-taking”, “stealing of a vessel air or water transport or railway rolling stock”, “encroachment on life state or the public figure”, “violent seizure of power”, “armed rebellion” and “the attack on persons or establishment which use the international protection”. (

Mrs. Spring and Mr. Ozerov noted in far more important for the current government initiatives – the next crackdown, under the auspices of “fighting terrorism”.

The focus of the bills is “an encroachment on life state or the public figure”, “violent seizure of power”, “armed rebellion” – that is, those items that are directly related to the threat to capitalist power of the Russian Federation.

Given the recent creation of the National guard, reporting directly to the capitalist elite in the Kremlin, we can definitely say one thing: the oligarchy expects and is preparing for the worst for themselves.


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