Migrating Refugees or Refugee Migrations? :(

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From: volk-donbass (volk1_donbass) wrote, 2016-04-11 17:34:00

(Click to enlarge) “Russian refugees, shame for Russia”

The post “no Russian” has sent us another interesting information. Looks like the officials, lawyers and other Federal officials in Russia do not understand the subject about which they try to talk.

Such information is scattered across networks:

“Very important information for refugees!

— Very important! When you cross the border, you are asked to fill in a migration card. In the column the purpose of entry on the territory of the Russian Federation do not specify that you are a guest or a tourist, indicate the purpose of entry is a refugee. Why is it so important? This migration cards in the future depends the amount of assistance that you will provide the Russian authorities, because they cannot help people whose migration cards to be listed in the column “purpose of entry” — came to visit.

— The status of “refugee” does not impose on you any obligations. It is issued for one year, but not as a signal to you that within this year you can’t go back to Ukraine (come back tomorrow), and gives you a whole year right to work, right to stay on the territory of the Russian Federation and the right to health care.

— Know why the Russian FMS (Federal Migration Service) in all regions of Russia refuse to issue a status of “refugee”? But because you are all the polls on the entrance indicate the migration cards guest status. If the boundary is not fixed, the flow of refugees (report on paper), then FMS does not receive quotas. Thus we have a vicious circle — the FMS does not give the status of “refugee” because FMS has no quota from the centre, and the centre quickly these quotas by regions are not sent because the refugees indicate in the migration card that they came to visit.Therefore, the center of planning forced the number of quotas from literally head to take, and he heads out to take them no, because the quota is not a word on a piece of paper, and long-term budget planning, which obliges local authorities to take care of those they have just given the status of “refugee”.


Read, huh? It can be assumed that in Russia the lawyers or somebody from the administration is not aware that the status of “refugee” in Russia is not assumed. For two years – there’s something about three hundred people happy with this status. This number can hospitals Taganrog to place, and nobody would have noticed.

But about the migration maps indicated the purpose of the visit “refugee” is a joke. Because the custom officers with such migration (understanding) wagged his finger at his temple and forced a rewrite. Because the purpose of the visit simply does not exist! It is not invented. Lord, though you, yourself, ever seen the migration card of the Russian Federation?

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