Humanitarian “Chewing Gum” of (Empty) Convoys

Novorossia Department

Arithmetic White KAMAZ trucks are, or where in LDPR 1.5 million hungry people.
From: bergen_rus, Apr. 7th, 2016 at 11:34 AM

(Click to enlarge) In short: left: 118 000 tons per month, right: 36 000 ton for 10 months

A small note for fans of the CPP (Cunning Plan of Putin), “mnogohodovok” (Putin), suminat, Starikov’ites, Surkov’ites and other Ukrops with Maydan’ites about the so-called “humconvoys” (humanitarian convoys) and White KAMAZ trucks from the benefactor Putin. Write a comma because there is a difference between the first and last friends for so minor, not worth mentioning. Only two digits Interfax on 11 June, 2015 “From August of last year in the Donbass columns of EMERCOM of Russia delivered more than 36 thousand tons of various humanitarian supplies”. In March 1942 on the “Road of Life” to besieged Leningrad were delivered to 118 thousand tons of cargoes.(C) “the Siege of Leningrad in documents of archives,” p. 692. 118 thousand tons. One month. On ice melting lake. The ancient trucks. Under fire from enemy aircraft and artillery.

36 thousand tons over 10 months, divide by 4 million residents, will receive 900 grams of food per customer per month. A third of the goods are medicines and other. For example, it is considered normal, when a loaf of bread has a weight of 680 grams. In short 1 loaf of bread a month, that’s all the help from generous uncle Vova!

Not surprisingly, the UN has warned about the threat of starvation for 1.5 million residents of the Russian Donbass.

In General, we’ve got to understand, White Trucks is more important today than in Syria, so that they themselves, themselves…

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