From Milosevic to Putin

Novorossia Department

Pushilin, after Putin, support the deployment of NATO troops in Donbass
From: alisa_sl, April 15th, 10:00

(Click to enlarge) Translation: Kremlin’s Slut (or Whore), Original taken from eduard_456 in Putilin, after Putin, support the deployment of NATO troops in Donbass

Donetsk People’s Republic supports the idea of increasing the number of employees of the OSCE in the Donbass, and the possibility of their weaponry leaves much to the discretion of the OSCE, said the speaker of the Parliament DND and the presidential envoy in the contact group Denis Putilin.

“We have said that supported by the increase in the number of employees of the OSCE mission, the so-called “monitors”

– said Pushilin.

According to him, “the optimum number will be the one that will fix all of the shelling, which is subjected to DND from the Ukrainian side, and how many, as decided by the mission.”

As for the weapons mission staff, said the President, “here the decision is taken by the OSCE on the basis of security considerations”.

“I’d wait for their opinions, but you need to understand that this will have to change their mandate”

– he said.

As to the armament of the staff of the OSCE mission, in his words, the issue is not “about on a regular basis, across the line of contact were additional posts”.

“We are definitely against police mission, it violates a set of measures (on implementation of the Minsk agreements — ed.)”

– concluded Pushilin.

News of the Donetsk Republic

No sooner Putin had said he’s not against the presence of NATO troops in Donbass, it quickly was supported by the Kremlin whore Denis Pushilin. Additionally he tried to make it confusing. For example, Pushilin said he was not against the weapons of the OSCE, but against the police mission. Although I do not understand how one differs from another. And kremlinbots dare to argue with me when I write that the current leaders DLPR are Kremlin puppets. Once again we convinced today about that.

In General, if NATO troops will come to Donbass really, under cover, as armed members of the OSCE, the region will see a repeat of operation “Oluja” or Kosovo scenario, when under the cover of NATO’s “peacekeepers”, the Croats, and later the Albanians, staged a real genocide against the Serbs in Serbian Krajina and Kosovo. But Putin awaits the fate of Milosevic. Who was also trying to negotiate with the West, he sold out Croatian, Bosnian and Kosovo Serbs. But ended his life, the former Yugoslav leader, in the Hague prison, located in the town of Scheveningen, where during night in 2006 he was quietly killed in the house. Soon Putin with such steps may look at the Milosevic’s camera in the Hague.

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