Dugin’s Guidelines XI

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Prince Nikolai Trubetzkoy and his theory of Eurasianism
From: 4threvolutionarywar, April 16, 2016, by Akira

April 16, 1890 he was born Nikolai Trubetzkoy, the great Russian philosopher, linguist and founder of the ideological trends of Russian Eurasianism.

The basic idea of Trubetzkoy were as follows. Russia is not just a European country, had insisted the Russians are Westerners. This particular individual civilization, the Russian World. That’s the main thing. We are different from Europe, no less than Iranians or Indians. Yes we have common roots in the Greco-Roman civilization. But the split in this civilization began in 6th century when the Byzantine Empire fell the Western Empire, and then disappeared under the blows of the Germanic tribes. Even then, began to take shape two identities in the Catholic West, Eastern Orthodox. Gradually, they withdrew from each other farther and farther.Finally, in 1054 the Orthodox and Catholic worlds are separated with each other completely. We, the Russians accepted Christianity from the Byzantine Empire and it is true that the Eastern Christian traditions until now. After the fall of Constantinople from the Turks, we took over his mission. It is not the mission of the country, asserted Trubetzkoy, this is the original pole and independent Orthodox civilization. Its center.(…)


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