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The National Guard as a Russian idea
From: 4threvolutionarywar, April 8, 2016, by Akira

Let’s try to make sense of this initiative. On the one hand, skeptics will say that another structure of the security forces will only add confusion and redistribution of spheres of influence between them. With another, saying that the authorities are afraid of society and tries to ward off his hostility.

Of course, if this idea of the National Guard can turn out and success, and failure. If we do not recognize the possibility of failing the undertaking, we simply do not take responsibility for it. Any beginning has a risk. And this is also not an exception. What’s the risk? That the national guard has two prospects: either to become a real political-military elite, loyal to Russia, our identity and our power, and it would be a real victory, or would be, as always. And as always is a failure and a travesty. Simulacrum. (…)

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