Cheap Food Made From Toilet Paper (Cellulose) Or Imported Palm Oil

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Millions of people the food became simply can not afford
From: etoonda (etoonda) wrote, 2016-04-06 14:01:00

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According to Rospotrebnadzor, in 2015 the falsification of dairy products in Russia was engaged in 333 enterprises. If policies do not change, to produce a counterfeit of a thousand enterprises, predicts the Director of “Lenin’s Sovkhoz” Pavel Grudinin. The correspondent of “Zdravka” met him at the Moscow economic forum and asked why fake butter, and cheese has become nowadays a mass phenomenon.

— Pavel, Your company produces the counterfeit?

— We have a lot of output, including milk, but falsification is not engaged. The networks sold the cheese, where the package contains postal address state Farm named after Lenin. On our site there is a shop on packing of cheese, and we only rent to this company. Where do they get the cheese, we don’t know. When people ask me about it, explain to all that we the production of cheese are not engaged in, and attitudes towards these products do not have.

Indeed adulteration has now become a big problem, but first let’s define this concept. Adulteration is when on the product packaging specified one composition, but the content he is actually quite another. When the manufacturer writes on the label that it is butter consists of 100% milk, but in fact the product contains vegetable fats, including the cheapest of them is palm oil, it is a fake. When a dairy product called milk and cheese product – cheese, it too is a fake. And it must be fought.Recently, the Minister “of agriculture Alexander Tkachev” proposed to change the labelling for products containing palm oil: to select the third package under the caption “use of palm oil”. So that consumers know what they are buying.

— Judging by messages of the CPS and “Soyuzmoloko”, some businesses and used falsified dairy products, but never had so much last year caught more than 330 dairies. Why has it become a mass phenomenon?

— As you know, demand creates supply. We people choose the product at a price that is the cheapest. Products made using palm oil, are cheaper than products manufactured solely from milk. We know that if 10 litres of milk to produce 1 kg of cheese, it may not be cheaper 400 – 500 rubles. And if you use palm oil, and cheaper.
It turns out that in the current economic situation there is a strong demand for low-quality, counterfeit products. If all manufacturers suddenly said “we manufacture our products only for guests”, the shelves in shops would be empty as in the Soviet Union, or the prices would have increased significantly.

— How big is the demand for low-quality products?

— “The Commissioner for human rights” Ella Pamfilova has led recently figure, that below the poverty line in Russia there live more than 19 million people. Our government forgets that Food security in the existing doctrine is understood to mean not only independence from imports, but also of physical availability of food at a price that is economic. Remember what caused the revolution in 1917 – in St. Petersburg for several days was not cheap bread. And that was enough!

I think that’s what the government has dealt a blow to food security, as a result of its policy of quality food products have become economically inaccessible. Millions of our citizens they cannot afford. (…)

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