Ayphonic Russian Government

Russian Secret Columns Department

In the state Duma and the Government of treason
From: politikus, 6-04-2016, 21:01

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And here is confirmation of my worst fears. In Russia there is no single government. All the efforts of the President’s team openly sabotaged the fifth column. Screwing up the health and education of the hired jackals and all the buds fall on Putin. Who is successfully operating, visible to the naked eye. Compare the results of activity of Putin, Lavrov and Shoigu, the results of the work of the Government Medvedev. More proof needed?

Sands warned that soon there will be a massive information attack on the President, and the suitcase carry was a hint that he has something to nail Putin, so he became more compliant. Well here we go. First, two of lard, now countless treasures “mistresses”. Morons have confused the record. For Beria this was, and they put Putin. Well, for me it was an additional incentive for Putin to maintain. When these Anglo-Saxon mongrel, and six in Russia organize mass persecution, then the person is really good.

The best indicator in the world, it’s howling dogs. If howl, then we do it right. If singing the praises, this is bad. Then again at the helm Gorbachev or Yeltsin.

Along the way, the got one. Collect a referendum to abolish both houses of Parliament, handing all power to the President, and the Congress of people’s deputies. And the Government to resign immediately. (…)


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