“Ararat Is Ours!..”

Armenia Department

“Ararat is ours!..”
From: Top Secret, April 5, 2016 09:10, by Eugene BORAWSKI

(Click to enlarge) View from Armenia to mount Ararat. Photo:RIA “Novosti”, Dmitry Donskoy

Why the USSR failed in 1945 to reclaim their territory, given to Turkey after the revolution

The history of the Soviet territorial claims to Turkey 1940-ies have repeatedly surfaced in the Russian information field of the last months. A sharp cooling of relations with Turkey has given rise to the appeal to half-forgotten stories, breathed life into old grievances, until the claims of the Church of St. Sophia of Constantinople. The history of attempts by Joseph Stalin to effortlessly attach to the land, once part of the Russian Empire, very revealing. All, of course, flows and changes, but do not ignore the lessons of relatively recent history.

What Turks like Lenin

The border between the USSR and Turkey was carried out on the basis of the Moscow and Kars treaties of 1921. They were preceded by the Armenian-Turkish war.(…)

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