Putinoid General Cassad

Smelly Putriots Department

K: If you think “General Cassad” (what?! not promoted yet?!) is impartial you are dead wrong. Look at his “promotional” topics on Russian and Novorossian issues (2016.04.15):

Macedonian wick

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In parallel with the French protests http://colonelcassad.livejournal.com/2705502.htmlcontinuing protests and riots in Macedonia. (…)

This is France!!!

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In Paris continuing mass protests and unrest associated with the attempt of the French “socialists” (which from socialism one name) to push in France labour reform. (…)

The Libyans deserve a chance in a democracy

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In the footsteps of the recent revelations of Obama http://colonelcassad.livejournal.com/2698182.html on the topic of “errors” with Libya. (…)
K: BTW. How come one could like the political whore? THe American society in big part is deeply and incurably ill, genetically ill.

Ukraine got into the list of debtors FIDE

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The international chess Federation (FIDE) has decided on the temporary suspension of all Ukrainian players from the competitions under its aegis. (…)


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Interesting video from Dagestan. (…)

The final energotrade

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Today came the actual final energotrade (…)

Unconfirmed hypothesis

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General French intelligence said that the intelligence agencies of the US using its authority in NATO, provided false information about the invasion of Russia to Ukraine. (…)


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Joined of the acclaimed Russian! the film “Hardcore”. (…)


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