Putin’s Heritage in Syria… Rivers of Blood!

Kremlin Betrayals Department

The militants of “Nusra” run with positions on several fronts
From: politlife, 13.04.2016

(Click to enlarge) © SANA

The Syrian branch of “al-Qaeda” grouping “Dzhabhat EN-Nusra” – flooded the front South of Aleppo with their reinforcements in order to withstand a large contingent of fighters of the Lebanese Resistance (Hezbollah), the Iraqi militia “Harakat an-Nujaba” and the Iranian Islamic revolutionary Guards Corps preparing to advance on the axis Aleppo – Idlib.

On Tuesday morning, government troops launched a powerful attack on tel-al-ACE, but, unexpectedly, met fierce resistance from the large force of militants of “Nusra”, the well-prepared for this storm.

As reported by an Iranian source in the South of Aleppo, the militants have improved their grouping in that front half, getting much needed support in the face of better armed and equipped government troops.

The same source confirmed that several hundreds of militants of “Nusra” left position on other fronts and arrived as reinforcements in the area South of Aleppo. If this information is correct, this battle will be much more bloody than you already are.

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