Putin’s Candies And Lollipops For Dummies

Putin Wishful Thinking Department

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Putin said Putin did. But not all
From: Open Town, yesterday, 19:42

(Click to enlarge) From From the frying into the mold

On the eve of the direct line with President of HB tells which of last year’s promises have been fulfilled

Russian President Vladimir Putin will hold a traditional straight line on April 14, where you live will answer questions of inhabitants of the country. On the eve of the ether Now remembers the promises the President gave last year were they made and, more importantly, how effectively.

To provide the Khakas new housing fire victims

In the spring of 2015 Siberia swept by the strongest fires that left hundreds of families without housing. During straight line in 2015, Vladimir Putin ordered the governors of the affected areas to restore and build new housing for those affected by September 1, 2015

The promise of power restrained, but well-built housing was not suitable for life. The apartments not only mold, but also constantly freezing the water line. Every week, the hosts treated the walls with vinegar, and the moisture twice a day. Many had to spend their money to convert and repair provided housing.

The General contractor of this company was accused of misappropriation and embezzlement of money allocated for the building of houses for Pogoreltsev.

To pay arrears of wages to the builders of the cosmodrome “East” (…)

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