All The Kicks Under The US & RF Talks Table…

War in Syria Department

The USA demand from Russia to stop Assad
From: politikus, Yesterday, 21:26

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The U.S. urged Russia to “put pressure” on the Syrian authorities to stop the offensive of the government army at the second largest city in the country Aleppo. Moreover, the CIA discussed the next plan B – supplies to the Syrian opposition weapons and air defense systems. And all because the occupation of Aleppo will ensure the military victory of Assad, and the US would like this the least.

Washington has urged Russia to “put pressure” on Damascus, that the Syrian government has returned to the specified points of the peace plan, told DW. According to, U.S. permanent representative to the UN Samantha Power, the obligations of the government of Syria related to the ceasefire and provision of humanitarian assistance, “stuck”, which casts doubt on the peace process in the country. (…)


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