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K: I loved Opera but they stabbed in back whole community. I’ve chosen Firefox. With what I use now, Firefox 46.0 beta 8, with all the bells and whistles, it’s the best. Up till Vivaldi, which is destined to be the new generation Opera, with Chrome in core, but having all the functions of good ol’ Opera. I’ll see to it later. Read what Vivaldi browser is offering now, at least, then download it and check yourselves.

A New Browser for the Web’s Most Demanding Users
From: Vivaldi, OSLO – April 6, 2016

(Click to enlarge)

After more than one year in public development and millions of downloads, Vivaldi today released the first major release of its pioneering desktop browser: Vivaldi 1.0. While other browsers strip down their offerings, Vivaldi adds features and powerful personalization options to help the web’s most demanding users increase their productivity and efficiency. You can download it free from

Vivaldi is produced with love by a founding team of browser pioneers, including Jon von Tetzchner, who co-founded and led Opera Software. Here’s a look at a few features that make Vivaldi the ultimate web power tool for those who need it most. (…)

(Click to enlarge) Vivaldi Blog

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