Summary – Events, Analyses, Cartoons – 28

2016.03.31 – 2016.04.06

K: To be continued…

The project “New Russia” will be reborn after the fall of Ukraine
From:, 31-03-2016, 05:44

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Economics Today – The head of the Center of system analysis and forecasting Rostislav Ishchenko is sure that the project “Novorossia” will in one form or another restarted in Russian-European dialogue after Ukraine will be in chaos.

“From my point of view, the “Novorossia” project has not yet started. After Ukraine plunged into chaos and Makhnovism, to decide the fate of these territories and people living on it, its political system and future needs with our European partners. We have this “black hole” alone does not pull up. By the way, who knows what by that time will generally be with the EU. When will the new geopolitical reality, it is in the direct negotiations will already be circumscribed boundaries of new projects.And then we will understand how there is a project “new Russia” – as a part of Russia or as an independent state. (…)

Red Church in Red. Russia.
From: vol_majya, April 1st, 23:50

(Click to enlarge) The page will show a little later, but for now I want to show you some photos from the village of Red Staritsky district of the Tver region. In this village there is very interesting Church of the Transfiguration.

Original taken from alex_des in Red Church in Red. Russia.

In the sky appeared the sun, the mood is “in the black” and want to go somewhere out of town for new experiences!
Last weekend I visited the Tver region. Went specifically for shooting Staritsa town, but on the way popped more on exploration in a couple interesting places. (…)

The recognition of Karabakh: a new trump card for the Donbass
From: YIA NOVOROSSIA, 06.04.2016

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The aggravation of the Karabakh conflict has entered a new stage. After the beginning of fighting, Yerevan has threatened by diplomatic recognition of Nagorno-Karabakh.

Currently the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic has diplomatic relations only with partially recognized Abkhazia and South Ossetia, as well as with unrecognized Transnistria. Armenia, whose satellite is the de facto NKR, in every way behind the scenes helps its residents in various fields, such as economics, certification, and defense, however, the official recognition of Stepanakert as a separate political entity Yerevan has not stated.One reason is the reluctance of the political elites of Armenia to go to the complication of relations with neighbors, but it seems that exactly such a scenario unlikely to avoid: the conflicts will be, regardless of recognition or non-recognition of the NKR by Yerevan.(…)

TRANSCRIPT: [Putin at] Meeting with Government members
From: Johnson’s Russia List, March 31, 2016


Next big
Putin/Kremlin/liberasts/RF Gov, etc,
robbery of Russians
in the making.

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( – March 30, 2016)

Vladimir Putin held a meeting with Government members.

The subjects on the agenda included priority draft laws to improve the business climate. The meeting participants also examined the transition to new procedures for payment of property tax based on cadastral value.

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Colleagues,

Today, we will hear from the Economic Development Minister, Mr Ulyukayev, on the laws we consider priorities and which we want to see passed during the first half of the year, during the spring session. These laws aim to improve the business climate.

This is a very important matter and one that we have been working on consistently and systematically. Let’s start though with a few current matters. I would like to say a few words to the Finance Minister and the Economic Development Minister on the subject of real estate and land valuation. This issue continues to preoccupy many people, businesspeople and ordinary citizens. (…)

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