Summary – Events, Analyses, Cartoons – 27

2016.03.29 – 2016.03.31

K: To be continued…

From: etoonda (etoonda) wrote, 2016-03-31 18:02:00

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Today’s guest is activist and publicist, soldier and fighter for the Russian world, a member of Parliament of Novorossiya, the head of public organization “Southeast Initiative” Eugene Chinanski. (…)

K: The same text, but more images.

I. Strelkov: and drawer – solid Palmyra…
From: m_kalashnikov, March 31st, 2016, 07:29 am

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The leader of the Committee on 25 January and the head of the public movement “new Russia” Igor Strelkov sounded the alarm. In recent days, he reports, received information about very large losses of the Armed forces of Novorossiya – somewhere at the level of January-February 2015, that is the famous battle for Debaltsevo-Chernukhino. And on March 30 and even trenchant: according to information from the field, we are talking about many dozens of dead and three more wounded in the last day under Yasinovataya, as well as in the industrial area between it and the Plant. (…)

At the headquarters of the OD of the “new Russia”
From: Gennady Dubovoy (gennadiydubovoy) wrote, 2016-03-31 19:28:00

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At the headquarters of the OD of the “new Russia”. Awarded Igor Ivanovich Small Sign “Defender Of Novorossia”. Talked with Michael Painkulam (call – Lens), coordinator of Staff to work with volunteers. Maksim Kalashnikov, writer and futurologist, author of wonderful investigations “Broken sword of the Empire”, “War Golem”, “Global motocross”, etc., And a brother Vandal, the youngest rebel of the period of the Slav epic, an aspiring journalist. Video a little later. (…)

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From: Public Movement “new Russia” Igor strelkov, posted: 29.03.2016, 14:48

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Well, now everything’s clear with the withdrawal of Syria’s main striking part of our expeditionary force… And we wondered – do without another “bra” cost? Surely in the Kremlin guessed that urgently needs to “pull his leg out of the Syrian trap” until her groin on the bite? I even cheered…

but no! It turns out that in the beginning of March, Moscow was visited with official visit none other than the head of the CIA, Mr. Brennan. Moreover, in an atmosphere of high secrecy from the Russian media and, accordingly, from the population: link. (Briefly: mentioned Oleg Syromolotov well known to me as one of the (formerly) most respected leaders of the Russian FSB. He, with the rank of Deputy Director and Director of 1st Service of the FSB of Russia (since 2000) and the rank of General of the army (since 2007), more than fourteen years has headed the Russian counter-intelligence).

In any case, the probability of a direct connection between our sudden “u-turn” in Syria with the secret visit of the “distinguished guest”, in my opinion, more than likely. And very typical, as after the visit of Brennan “shotgunning” in Moscow with “red suitcases” other “dear Western partners” – Kerry with Steinmeier.

And 11 April and again waiting for a-“honored heavyweight” – THE Burkhalter…

May 7, 2014 he, with great serenity and a charming smile publicly “accepted the surrender” arsovska and pochivshego Vladimir Putin on Ukraine. Now, apparently, the time has come “to put the squeeze on the customer.” An American with a German, obviously, failed…. The battle is a “heavy artillery”…

Well, 2 years later we have another “moment of truth”. And again the choice is the same: a decisive confrontation with the “partners” or the further pursuit of them. Milosevic and Yanukovich for the inevitable ugly ending.

Only here, compared to in the spring of 2014, “starting position” of the Kremlin much worse. What Putin should be grateful, especially yourself, and second, its “irremovable deck” in the trash thieving and failed all the world’s closest advisers. (One of which, the notorious Mr. Surkov-Dudaev, was again noted at the talks with Kerry on the right hand from Lavrov…).

Time Putin is still there. It’s not too late to take the plunge and spend a “revolution from above” required for the return of real sovereignty and independence from “expensive Western partners”.

Let’s wait and hope. But silence won’t – work “Putin’s cunning plan” for themselves-no one carries, except for those who for them generously “cut” in the Department of internal policy of the presidential Administration and in private PR firms liberalnego oligarchy. (…)

K: Extra cartoon

(Click to enlarge) “More boldly partner…”


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