Summary – Events, Analyses, Cartoons – 26

2016.03.10 – 2016.03.30

K: To be continued…

Washington again whipped RUSSIA. The Kremlin is in a panic
From: kungurov, March 30th, 17:04

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Vatnik morons whom Putinvisor (TV set idiot box) utilizar crapped up brains, somehow sure that the sneaky West imposed against Russia any sanctions. But try to name at least one of the anti-Russian sanction! The only sanction against the whole of Russia – a ban on food imports from the EU, but this sanction against the population entered the Kremlin itself!

At the time, the West has imposed sanctions against Iran, forcing him to abandon the nuclear programme, and these were sanctions AGAINST the COUNTRY. By the way, the Russian Federation has joined these sanctions, breaking very lucrative contracts with Iran, and underscores the Kremlin sitting Western puppets. Sanctions have been imposed against the DPRK as a state. The Russian Federation also participates in the blockade. For a long time trade embargo act against Cuba (which now was gradually reduced). But against Russia imposed NO SANCTIONS.

Sanctions imposed on a separate region of Crimea, but not on the country. Russian citizens can visit EU, but Russian citizens living in Crimea, visa issuing is prohibited (for the Crimeans that preserved the Ukrainian citizenship, the restrictions do not apply). The funny thing is that the European countries this decision themselves or sabotage – the Crimeans have no problem getting visa. Since Crimea is recognized in Europe as an occupied territory, EU residents are prohibited to invest in this region and in any form to cooperate with the Crimean enterprises. However, it is not forbidden to invest in Russian enterprises, which in turn can invest in the Crimea. So I imagine this measure is purely nominal. (…)

Political prisoner: it is better to die honorably in the battle for the Donbass, what I’m going to rot in camps of bandershtat
From:, March 10, 2016, 08:28

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What is justice in Ukrainian? This is when the whole country tearing their hair out, yelling about poor Nadia and simultaneously keeps in prison a few thousand afford their own point of view of Kharkiv, Donbassa, Zaporizhya, Odessa and the list goes on.

They do not come to the aid of the defenders, they do not say on television and Russian stars don’t cry about them in social networks. About them not say, because for all the “progressive humanity” they simply do not — so struck out.

I wonder when this story will be published and will be read by hundreds of people, is there at least one who will shout to the Ukrainians: “Freedom Besuche!”?

I doubt it.

But everything in order: Eugene p. Earless, call sign “Demon”, was born in Lysychansk, then lived in the city, in the occupied territory of the LPR, and in 2008 moved to Severodonetsk Borovskoe district. (…)

Chinanski Eugene: Great Novorossiya clearly to be part of Russia
From: od_novorossia, 10:33 pm on March 29th, 2016

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Today our Agency activist and publicist, soldier and fighter for the Russian world, a member of Parliament of Novorossiya, the head of public organization “Southeast Initiative” Eugene Chinanski.

— Hello, Evgeny, let us introduce to you our readers. Who are you, how was in the thick of things Russian Spring, why not passed the struggle of Donbass with Ukraine?

Hello! I’m from Donetsk. A lawyer by education. Engaged in business, was the founder of several small firms and a Director of one of them. Provided legal and security services. Were trading. In addition, I was the head of the Pro-Russian Public Organization “South-East” Initiative. In view of this, for obvious reasons, the Russian past Spring I could not get through. The thing is, what started it for me and for all the locals much earlier. During the so-called euromaidan I went to Kiev, where he tried to reach the government and to stimulate her to decisive action.In the end, I was beaten and brought to the police. I met a complete misunderstanding and apathy, the indifference of the authorities. They thought of themselves as gods who have all the bases covered and under control. The result is instructive and we all saw it, but its effects observed so far… Then I was in Crimea, then in Donbas. Participated in the storming of the regional state administration and the security service, was Deputy of the first convocation, a militia. Later he became a Deputy of the Parliament of Novorossia. Pass by Russian Spring for me and colleagues was impossible. Pass it to abandon its identity and Pro-Russian vector of Donbass. I don’t know how. (…)

From: Eduard Communist, March 31st, 7:57

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While on the idiot box tell about the heroic liberation of the Syrian army and the Russian “itemname” “primordially Russian city of Palmyra”in Syria, in the Donbas, where they live, “lazy sofa Ukrainians, which promised to no one”, the situation continues to escalate. This tells a volunteer from the Russian Federation and Humanitary Alexander Zhuchkovsky. How sytuacji get that far, not yet known. But apparently. sooner or later. the fennel on the offensive going. And try to repeat the scenario of the destruction of the Serbian Cain in the Donbass. But when they can try to do this, we will argue next time.

K: Extra news in English

New rangefinders and scopes for the battalion “Khan”
Published on Apr 5, 2016

Today more and more people understand that civil war in Ukraine is a frontline of the battle against fascism. That is why people from Europe and America, who care about what happens in Donbass and understand the importance of civil resistance to Ukrainian junta, have donated money to battalion “Khan” to buy new scopes and rangefinders. Modern scopes and rangefinders are much more effective than the old ones to fight against fascists snipers.

K: Extra cartoon in English

(Click to enlarge) Paper tape: “Plans”

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