“The Fate Of Donbass”

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The Fate Of Donbass
From: PolitRussia

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24 March 2016 on the site of the Verkhovna Rada was registered bill No. 4297 “about features of management the individual territories of Donetsk and Lugansk regions”. First some days he did not attract any attention to themselves. The same way it began ask questions in the unrecognized republics. A day later, the deputies of “Samopomich” the Ukrainian Parliament also saw a revolutionary new bill. What’s so interesting?

The fact that he filed this bill not random people, and the events that unfolded in parallel with his appearance, borne in a slender picture.

The Continuation Of The Minsk-2

The deputies who submitted the bill, is not just the deputies. For his the authors, a very non-random, are Viktor Medvedchuk, Rinat Akhmetov, Yuri Boyko.

The bill involves the creation of MTO Donbass (Interregional Territorial Association) on the territory of Lugansk and Donetsk regions.

Its main provisions

Territory: nowhere is it stated that it will be those areas, which are currently uncontrolled Ukraine.

MTO Donbass has its own armed forces, called people’s the police, the membership and the leadership which it assigns independently (a La the national guard of Ukraine).

Also the management the MTO will be to propose candidates for positions heads of bodies of the Ministry of interior, SA and Prosecutor’s office.

The Association of Donbass gets the opportunity of conducting independent external economic policy, for which the region is declared free economic zone.

The status of the head MTO the Donbass actually corresponds to the status the President, but without the right of foreign representation site.

In General, it is the formation of the Confederate enclave in the territory Of Ukraine, the territorial structure of which are not strictly defined. It is not excluded that it will include the rest of the Donbass.

What I mean by saying “over time”? It is not excluded, and even quite it is likely that after the Donbas similar rights will want to have other site. At least Odessa, Dnepropetrovsk and Kharkov. Almost certainly Lviv. And then Ukraine “within the framework of the decentralization” can be reformatted in a set of such procurement.

Moscow will help the process. And it will be based on the local elite who will support this initiative with both hands.

So bill was lying quietly on the site for a few days, then suddenly was discovered by journalists from the DNR. Naturally, the current Parliament this document does not take. But here begins the most interesting.

The political situation in Ukraine


Where will this lead?

The ultimate goal of this process is obvious. The oligarchs want to return dominance the status quo and even expand their influence through the transmission part of authority to the field. Moscow wants to destroy the United front of struggle against itself and helps the fault lines pro-Maidan camp broadened and deepened. Washington…

And here it is not so clear. Of course, he is not happy that the attempt to bring to power a fully manual mode in Kiev has failed. Too a United front was made by the Ukrainian elite against such an option, and there is no way to prevent this. Moreover, Moscow and Europe support this process.


Why is this so?

Unfortunately, the Donbass, as Ukraine, became the objects of Ukrainian chess game for geopolitical players. It is necessary to recognize and perhaps to accept. However, not only that played a role. To Moscow could rely on some forces, they need just to exist. How once the Donbass is.

LPR and DPD already (Fall 2015) has completely lost its the revolutionary beginning. Initially they largely were different but United one: were ready to fight for the liberation of their homeland and a large saw this is only to eradicate all vestiges of Ukrainian integral nationalism on the territory of Ukraine. Everything else was secondary for them.

Donbass, having left in itself and its internal problems (in the first place property-redistributive), ceased to be the forefront of the struggle against Nazism in Ukraine.


9.5 million families on the subsidy is more than 20 million people. That is guaranteed the majority of the population in one form or another gets state aid is only one article. And it is death to the class that sought to Europe. It is the so-called middle class has been the mainstay Western vector of Ukraine’s development. It destruction today the most it is dangerous for US and for them is fraught with the greatest risks.

We need to find and to convey to the public the idea that they once upon a time lost and now lost Pro-Western Ukrainians. If we succeed, we will be able to completely overcome the USA in Ukraine. If not… actually, no. Us this will be possible.

In General, all geopolitical players in this embodiment, there is a lot of problems to solve, it will take years, if not longer.

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