Russia Cares About Donbass Fitness

Novorossia Department

UN: half a million residents of Donbass are on the verge of starvation
From: Voice of Novorossia, 05 April, 2016 11:00


Russian partners in 404 build even
concentration/filtering camps
for the Donbass citizens.
RF and 404 together care for Russians,
Putin attends to that personally

(Click to enlarge)

About a half million residents of Donbass are on the verge of hunger, said the UN, citing data from the world food programme (WFP). Representatives of the latter, the sending of food to the conflict zone and urged the parties concerned to ensure the full and unhindered humanitarian access to people in need.

“Two years of conflict in Eastern Ukraine led to the fact that 1.5 million Ukrainians facing the threat of hunger. Of these, 300 thousand people are suffering from severe food shortages and need urgent assistance” – quotes the message of the UN Agency “Interfax”.

In the first half of the runway intended to help food to 270 thousand residents of Donbass within the most vulnerable categories of the population. November 2014 assistance from the organization has received over half a million people living near the contact line of the armed forces with the forces of DPR and LPR. These are the people who suffer most from food shortages. 370 thousand people receive WFP monthly food packages and 180 thousand – vouchers to buy food in the markets.

Yesterday about the beginning of fundraising for the residents of Donbas said the Pope.

“This assistance is intended for the entire population and refugees, regardless of religion, be they believers or not” – said in the Vatican.


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