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From: bergen_rus, Apr. 5th, 2016 at 11:46 AM

(Click to enlarge) “When they’ll begin ask about Panama offshore companies, you’ll say – it’s Obama envies my successes in Syria!”

I really liked last night’s broadcast of Russian television. Generally, in the recent guardians of the regime has become very convenient to operate, now you don’t have to fantasize and to invent versions, justification, apology of the policy of the President, all maximally simplified.

Now read the manual right in the program “Time”. Straight text, no notes. It is previously, you had to wait long for clarification from the city center, along the way, to invent something yourself, and now Zeynalov with Kiselev read out the official release and share the gospel with a clear conscience, with a completely straight face.Increased service on the face.

In short, the essence of yesterday’s brochure, the following;

1. The GUSH about Panama offshore, this envy Obama in relation to the success of Putin in Syria.

2. If enemies make such “STUFFING”, it means that the success in Syria definitely is!

3. Everything connected with information on the involvement of Putin to a Panama offshore company, it is a lie, a vile slander and manipulation of facts.

4. All regarding information about financial fraud of the other defendants in the offshore scandal, all true! Of course that there is any Icelanders and the British mired in corruption, as no spiritual bonds they have.

5. Sarcastically push through in the air corruptions of Poroshenko, Cameron, and other Spaniards.

6. To elaborate on thousands of protesters in Reykjavik demanding the resignation of the Prime Minister of Iceland in connection with the offshore scandal. Morally to support the efforts of the Icelandic people for justice.

7. And for dessert, again about our successes in Syria, the clearance in Palmyra.

That’s so cute, unpretentious, without vanity, will throw out any problem. Moreover, it became clear that the Maidan in Russia will not pass, no stockpile of dirt is not enough to lower the rating of our President is at least 1%. In General, send your mudslinging, we are not afraid! We will further be in love with Putin!

(Click to enlarge) “When TV set’ll brake down”


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