Arseny “Motorola” Pavlov

Novorossia Department

“The armed forces drove thousands of soldiers” — Motorola said, when Kiev will go on the offensive in the Donbass (VIDEO)
From: Russian Spring, 05.04.2016 – 2:30

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Correspondents of the DPR Ministry of Information has interviewed the Hero of the Republic, the commander of a separate reconnaissance battalion “Sparta” Arseny Pavlov, known under the Callsign “Motorola”.

The journalist: — In February last year you were awarded the highest state title “Hero of the Donetsk People’s Republic”. What were your feelings when you were awarded this award?

Motorola: It’s not award for me, so I’m just the person who oversaw the process, the reward’s for units. It is everything for what was made by the units for action until February.

— In any operations involved your boys?

— Almost any serious conflict on the front line was rarely without us, but I’ll tell you when it started: 2012 number — Slavyansk, 2013 immediately. Before the start of a particular armed conflict, I have already read the opinion of people and made a decision. After the South Ossetian conflict Ukraine for me was the territory of the hostile state. Neither fraternal nor twin, and enemy of the state. After started the first Chechen company, the second company of the Chechen and South Ossetian conflict.

— Tell, and why Sparta?

— In all the trials that we went through, pulled into himself in combat training, at all… Sat and thought, can we be called “Sparta”? It is remembered, it is remembered, the clash, somewhere, someone pulled out as we do in combat training — we called ourselves the not so casual! Because if we called ourselves “Sparta” with us and ask why? Sparta can be seen, well… different.

— What do you do now guys?

— Some people, as part of intelligence — performs combat missions, and some of the people engaged in combat training. The main occupation is combat training. Everything is based on personal example. For example, if today on his physical abilities I can’t do something, I try to flatten out and back then I was a year ago. I need to prepare myself, to improve, to engage in self-study, his physical form to keep. Here I have to suit up. I constantly equipped. Because if suddenly at this moment a war starts, I should not become a burden on their personnel, they don’t have me panting to drag.

— You changed a lot compared with 2014?

— My unit has changed, because when I came, I was a group commander, acting, and now I’m the commander of the battalion. Naturally, my staff has changed, this is not a group, but battalion. Becoming an officer is not just! It is not only the ability to fight, ability to go forward, to lead people, but also to control, to command. People are learning, learning, always learning. A fundamental change is that now not just disparate groups, unified for the first army corps second army corps, the Republican guard, national police, militia, or something else — all combined in one boiler. Control source, at least one.

— How big is the risk of resumption of active hostilities?

— I think that the fighting can resume, reel in that very moment, when land is dried up. The forces and means they have already pulled, additional thousands of thousands of people they put at the forefront, but… suddenly the weather turned bad.

The Lord is on our side, they already slosh around in the mud, living in tents, living in the fields. Now they are very unhappy. Move they did. But the weather has made step.

The main problem now in the army, and generally throughout the armed conflict, the Russians fighting against the Ukrainians for some reason. Well so it happened, that was two years ago, and gradually turned out that the Russians fighting against the Ukrainians. I at least don’t keep fighting with Ukraine. I — with specific terrorist groups, of which the part is subordinated to the illegal regime, the part is subordinated to the oligarchs. It’s all terrorists.

The definition of terrorism, who are terrorists — three constitutions and the Declaration. In the constitutions of Ukraine, the Russian Federation and the United States of America about those people who now sit in power in Kiev, says that they are terrorists. In black and white. The right to self-determination — no one will have to admit, the most important thing that we have realized this, took it ourselves, not waited until someone recognizes someone something they give us, someone will help us to take ourselves in hand, picked up tools tools, someone in the armed forces, someone to mine, someone something else was doing and she did everything to make the Republic evolved. And one, and two.

The main thing is to accept ourselves, yourself, in your head. We have already made our choice. And I witnessed how people made their choices. And I have personally seen with my own eyes how people were voting. And it is enough for me. And these people deserve to have their choice they have no one did!

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