The Kremlin Kingdom of Sweet Spoils

Kremlin (…) Department

K: The Yandex translation was so good I dropped corrections here (well, added few words), go for the full text to El Murid’s website. Here’s only small excerpt.

Woman heart feels!
From: El Murid, 4-APR-2016 11:52 am

(Click to enlarge)

(…) With CA it is clear – it is the highest Russian nomenclature, which demonstrates the knowledge of their stupid and primitive schemes for the disposal of stolen (goods). With intelligence our thieves all right – watching in childhood “Adventures of Captain Vrungel”, where the goods are exported in the cello case, our thieves left the mind at about the same level. And uses musicians as cases for their blood.

It is naive to believe that showcased the entire package dirt – rather, notorious 2 billion – only the edge of cloth on which is written a lot. For all the freedom and democracy of the West has flowed irrevocably from 2.5 to 5 trillion dollars of Russian resources. From 100 to 200 billion on average per year. These figures have called themselves our ultraliberal, frankly, that money, of course, was used very inefficiently: to one-half went to the “excessive consumption”, as they affectionately in their environment are called banal theft. So that you can publish and publish.


Although, of course, can. May conduct any activities that will result in the cancellation of the elections or allow him more tightly to take up the power. For example, to arrange some war game. It is clear that Russia’s interests will not be here to smell, as in the current two wars – but the main thing here is one day stand, Yes night to hold out, and what’s next – well, so far we don’t look.

Kremlin Elite’s Motto:

Who cares?

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