“Russia Will Be Russian Or Unpopulated”

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From: volk1-donbass, April 4th, 2016, 02:43 pm

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Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Oleksandr Briginets (3 September 2014):

“Thermal power plant in the city Happiness, Luhansk supply, will be blown up in case of occurrence of the militia. Happiness is the key of the city. There is a power plant, without which restore the lives of Lugansk is not possible… Now that the Ukrainian army is opposed not to the terrorists and Russian mercenaries, and immediately the army of Putin, the Ukrainian army began to act differently — now we are booby trapped bridges, and important sites, to ensure the life of the Donbass. If the Russians really want to capture Lugansk and to leave it in the submission, any cost will need to take Happiness.That is why thermal power plants, and bridges are mined. They are taken under special protection. If the Donbas is not Ukrainian, he will die as he dies the Crimea”



Yegor Prosvirnin, editor of the project “Sputnik and Pogrom” (April 3, 2016):

“Today, April 3, my birthday. I turned 30 years old. In honor of this bright day I would like to appeal to the young and even very young nationalists who read me. Around you Soviet stariche often tells you that your national views, your hatred to the world of lies and hypocrisy that your desire to destroy this unjust society of the Soviet nationalities and to build a new honor, the national, Russian – all “of age”, this “you still don’t understand, this too shall pass.” Now, they lie all you motherfuckers Soviet. Will not work.Today I am 30, and I have not only passed – the noble rage in my heart is boiling at times more, than in 20 years.Russia will be Russian or unpopulated. A pleasant Sunday!”


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