“Ladies And Gentlemen, Please Remain Calm”

Novorossia Department

K: The quote in title comes from “The Dante’s Peak”. You may found there Mr. Lavrov under a mask of a volcanologist. He’s (Lavrov, of course) the best in such roles.

Mr. Putin was shown earlier answering to Mr. Lavrov’s question:

Putin: Kremlin Towers was just named the best — well, the second-best place to live… in Russia, population under 20,000.
Lavrov: Good for you. What was number one?
Putin: I don’t know. Some piece of crap town out in Novorossia. Who cares?

The consequences of shelling of Gorlovka on March 31, Putin’s partners
From: Eduard Communist, April 2nd, 0:06

On these videos you can see footage of the shelling of the long-suffering Gorlovka 31 March shelled by soldiers of Putin’s partners. Of course, on the idiot box (putinbox) about these attacks showed nothing. There are talks about “sister Syria” and on aside about how Putin again overplayed everybody.

And what about Donbass yet? What is Donbass? It was promised nothing by anyone. Therefore, the partners of Putin can continue to destroy the region, night and now morning and daytime attacks. What are they doing for almost two years. The Kremlin in the best case will Express another concern. How again did eReFian Foreign Ministry on 1 April.

Attacks by the way, for the moment, again continue. But from yesterday I know of at least two civilian casualties. And it is only in Donetsk. And only then, what I have confirmed. I think that the number is at least three to four times more. Moreover, as I reported, Donbass was not strongly fired since the last August. And just scream, tonight the death toll will again increase by a few people.

Use Russian version to see the next two films from VKontakte.

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