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Horrifying recollections of life in partially occupied by Ukraine Ilovaysk, life story
From: Novorossia Today, April 04, 2016

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On 2nd April journalist of Novorossia Today talked to citizen of Ilovaysk arrived to the capital of the DPR Veronika.

-Vera, tell us please about events in your hometown Ilovaysk in summer 2014.

The first echoes of the war we heard on 11th July, shells of Kiev punitives were directed to our city the first time. That time I was in Slavyansk, I finished my study. When I arrived home, shelling was with changeable intensity, one day we heard severe shelling, 3-4 days were of relevant calm. And on 7th August the entire city shuddered as a result of massive attack from the side of Kiev armed forces.

It happened that Ukrainian side captured suburbs of the city, sabotage groups worked actively, one of them managed to take off flag of Novorossia and to hoist Ukrainian one, however, the militia of the DPR reacted immediately at this provocation. My family and I were to leave our house, because it was in the territory controlled by Ukraine. We lived with our grandmother in the center of the city until it was liberated.

My mother and I went to our house where our pets were left, we had to feed them. New went there or on the way back we were subjected to shelling not once.

I remember how once we went our usual road and the snipe started shooting to warn us about danger, and very soon large caliber shells started falling. We ran and we tried to hide from fragments, I even injured my leg by one of them. I am afraid of recollecting these moments how bullets whistled, shells exploded, windows flew away and do not even know which miracle saved us from the most terrifying thig…..From death.

Which life does your city lead now?

-Our army created legendary Ilovaysk Trap at the end of August, city was without Ukrainian forces at the beginning of August, and we finally knew again what peace is.

-First of all I would like to wish peace; I wish the war to stop in my native town and in the DPR and d LPR.

And be more patient and attentive, danger is always close to us.

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(Click to enlarge) From At the frontline of the DPR
Ukrainian fighters shelled the DPR territory 125 times for the last 24 hours, it was reported in the Defence Ministry of the DPR.

In regard to the data of the Defence Department, 66 mines were launched at the republic, moreover, the hostile forces used APC, and infantry combat vehicle, grenade launchers and small arms.

Representatives of the DPR Defence Ministry added that Spartak, Gorlovka, Trudovskie, Sahanka, Kominternovo, Yasinovataya and Dokuchaevsk were shelled the most.

Orders to shell the republic were given by the same criminals Sokolov, commander of 72nd brigade, Zabolotniy commander of 58th brigade, Mikats commander of 93rd brigade, it was pointed out in the reported of the DPR Defence Ministry.

Be reminded that populated house totally destroyed in the nothern suburb of Gorlovka.

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