Fire And Fireball II

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As burning building of the Ministry of defense: chronology of events

(Click to enlarge) Photo: м24.ги/Игорь Ivanko, On 3 April in Moscow in the building of the defense Ministry on Znamenka street there was a fire. All the details – in our material.

Message about the fire in the administrative building of the Ministry of defense received at the remote duty MOE around 10:00. At this time the building was occupied by about 50 people, all of them were evacuated. Smoke starts to enter the apartment houses nearby.

As a result of a fire in the centre began to emerge traffic jams.

Film: In the center of Moscow burning building of the Ministry of defense


On the wooden walls, the flame spreads from the third to the fourth and fifth floors. The spread of fire contributes to building construction, voids in the walls, wooden floors.

As we found out, the fire occurred on the third floor in the technology space. The fire gets the fifth, highest category of complexity.

One person was injured is a fireman. According to the doctors, he had a heat stroke. Other casualties have been reported.

The fire area totaled three and a half thousand square meters. Gusty winds complicated the work of firefighters.

Film: The fire in the center of the capital increases

How to put out

At about 16:30 in all directions – on the floors and the roof – the fire managed to be localized.

Then fire started pouring interior floor slabs. The experts will determine the exact cause of the incident. According to preliminary data, it could be a short circuit in a cable network.

20:06 the fire was completely extinguished. Involved more than 260 people and 77 units of equipment, including 17 of the lifting mechanisms.

Sergei Shoigu ordered that the building was restored in the shortest possible time, while maintaining its historical appearance. We will remind, the Ministry of defense building (the old building of the General staff) was built in the late eighteenth century, also it is known as “the House of Apraksin”. In 20-ies of the XIX century it passed to the Treasury. In different years it housed the Alexandrinsky orphan’s Institute, cadet corps, the Alexandrovsk military school, the Revolutionary military Council, people’s Commissariat of defense and the Ministry of defence. The modern look of the building acquired only in 1940-ies.

Film: In the city center due to fire traffic

Film from Moskva24

Film from Moskva24

Film from Moskva24

Film from Moskva24

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