Erdogan’s Stick In The Eye of Putin

Armenia Department

Use Google Translate or Yandedx Translate services as Russian spring isn’t easy auto translated. I hope you are wise and prepared for such activities reading foreign, not English sources.

Russia will firmly prevent attempts to unleash a new Karabakh war
From: Russian Spring, 03.04.2016 – 20:03

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“Baku is acting foolishly”

With all this offensive Azerbaijan looks to a greater extent spontaneous reaction than tactics, thought out several steps ahead. “The Azerbaijani army didn’t even try to depict strategic offensive, operated with limited forces and in the end, in the most critical moment just stopped. They acted stereotypically, some just mediocre, but due to the effect of surprise they managed to advance in that area, which the Armenian side deliberately was ready to leave if something went wrong. Not so much”, — said the newspaper VIEW military expert Yevgeny Krutikov.

For example, it became clear that the much-vaunted engineering fortifications, and minefields, were passable for a fairly large raiding parties. “It is clear that in the foothills and on the plain the army of the NKR obviously keeps in mind the possibility of leaving the first line with a massive offensive of Azerbaijan, but they still hoped that this ease of promotion will not be,” says Prof. At the same time, he said, “the mobilization system in Karabakh really works, and it’s good.”

“The Azerbaijani side is mentally prepared to carry artillery and rocket attacks deep into Karabakh and to residential areas. Therefore, it is required to move closer to the front medium-range missiles (already relocated “Point”) and air fighting war. The parties are not bound by restrictions like the Minsk agreements, they have a free hand,” — emphasizes the expert. (…)


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