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The commander of the Syrian operations out of the shadows
From:, 24.03.2016, 15:06, by Svetoslav Ivanov, Ekaterina Spirovska

(Click to enlarge) Gold star of Hero of Russia was awarded the native of Ussuriysk, Colonel-General Alexander Dvornikov

The Syrian campaign of the Russian Armed forces have gained “face”. It became known that a group in the middle East was commanded by Colonel-General Alexander Dvornikov, received from Vladimir Putin the Gold star of Hero of Russia. “Газета.Ru” figured out how the Wipers have grown to the head of the military operation and what the prospects were opened to non-public the General.

The name of the commander, the commander of the military grouping of the Russian HQs in Syria, became known only after the operation of the Russian military in the Arab Republic. This Colonel-General Alexander Dvornikov, who was the chief of staff of the Central military district in Yekaterinburg.

Janitors gave an interview with the governmental Rossiiskaya Gazeta, which reported the successful results of the Syrian campaign.

The General was one of the participants in the Syrian operations, who was awarded last week in the Kremlin.

At the ceremony, the General behaved with restraint, felt the excitement. Vladimir Putin awarded him the Gold star of Hero of Russia. It is possible that after these successes have Dvornikov appointment to one of key positions in the hierarchy of the Russian Armed forces.

Ussuri Suvorov

In open sources not much data about the career of Alexander Dvornikov. In General his biography is given in the profile on the website “Russian cadet brotherhood”: a native of Ussuriisk, street cleaners is a graduate of the Suvorov military school in this city.

In addition, the Janitors received education in the Moscow higher military school, Military Academy named after Frunze and the Military Academy of the General staff. “He served in the far East military district in positions of platoon commander, company commander, chief of staff of the battalion. The Western group of forces was appointed Deputy and then the commander of motorized infantry battalion”, — stated in the help.

Motorized rifle battalion, commanded by Wipers, was stationed in East Germany until the withdrawal of Russian troops from the country in 1994. After the withdrawal of Russian troops from Western Europe Janitors was assigned to the Moscow military district, where he was chief of staff of the regiment and regimental commander.

In 2000-2003 Alexander Dvornikov led the division headquarters, and then was a division commander in the North Caucasus military district. In the second half of the 2000s, he commanded the armies in the Siberian and far Eastern military districts.

In recent years, Janitors and was Deputy commander of BBO, then Deputy commander of the CVO at the headquarters in Yekaterinburg. Only in this period of Janitors has become relatively publicity — he is repeatedly mentioned in the media in connection with various military events and incidents in the Ural region.

According to “Russian cadet brotherhood” Janitors “awarded by awards “For service to Motherland in the USSR armed forces” III degree, “For military merits”, “For merits before Fatherland” IV degree with swords, order of Courage, as well as many other medals and awards”.

In early 2015 the Yekaterinburg edition wrote about the possible increase commander Dvornikov, CVO commander Vladimir Zarucnicki, to the post of commander-in-chief then created the aerospace defence forces. Himself Wipers, according to media reports, got the prospect to become district commander. However, ATT was headed by Colonel-General Viktor Bondarev, head of the air force, and Ural military leaders remained in their posts.

“Consider it a military officer from the command of the first Deputy defense Minister Arkady Bahin and Colonel-General Vladimir Shamanov” — then wrote the publication with reference to its sources. Since then Bakhin retired from military service, but Shamans still commander of the Airborne troops.

Familiar with Dvornikov source “Газеты.Ru” in the defense Ministry believes that the General-the Colonel was a very good career path.

“He gradually achieved everything by hard work, was not anyone’s protégé and very heavy was moving through the ranks,” says military.

Sverdlovsk “Syrian”

A national audience learned about Alexander Dvornikov 17 March, when Vladimir Putin awarded in the Kremlin members of the operation in Syria.

The President will award the General-the Colonel Gold star of Hero of Russia. For which merits awarded Janitors, the authorities did not specify. “Star of the Hero it will probably give for the overall experience of groups in Syria, and not for any personal merits”, — said the source “Газеты.Ru”.

“The increased combat capabilities of the Armed forces has allowed us to quickly implement the transfer of troops over long distances and their effective implementation. It is the result of hard combat training, surprise checks of combat readiness of troops and their equipment with modern weapons and equipment,” said Dvornikov, speaking after receiving the award.

In the Kremlin Janitors spoke on behalf of the Russian group and on behalf of the entire contingent gave Putin a “souvenir” photo of the roof of the house in Syria with a written copy of the gratitude of the Russian troops.

However, the fact that Janitors were direct supervisor of the operation, it became known from the media until a week later: “Few people knew what was awarded the title of Hero of Russia, Colonel General Alexander Dvornikov almost half a year was in command of our military group” — writes about it “Russian newspaper”, has taken an interview with the General.

According to “WP”, on the role Dvornikov in the Syrian operations were known “only to a narrow circle of persons”.

Dvornikov remarks in interviews are extremely formal character: Colonel-General “reported” to the correspondent of the publication about the effectiveness of the actions of the Russian military, which “for five and a half months to radically turn the situation in Syria.”

The military stressed that Russian intervention Syrian society has reached a consolidation in the fight against terrorist groups. According to him, the morale of the Syrian people has increased and the disintegration of the country prevented.

“Generally speaking, during the military operations of the Syrian troops with air support liberated 400 settlements. The potential of terrorist groups has decreased more than twice, they have lost the initiative, and the territory controlled by them decreased by 10 thousand square kilometers,” said Dvornikov. In addition,

he said that in Syria there are Russian special forces. “I will not hide that on Syrian territory there are divisions and our special operations forces.

They perform exploration of objects for strikes of Russian aviation, engaged in bringing aircraft on targets in remote areas, to solve other special problems”, — said the commander.

Overall the interview is interesting Dvornikov rather than as the summing up of the military operation in Syria (his comments added little to the official messages of the Russian authorities), but as the consolidation of a new military status in the media environment.

Now the Syrian campaign is “face”.

It is possible that after the Syrian success Janitors will go on increasing. Back in February the Yekaterinburg edition URA.Ru citing familiar with the situation sources wrote that Dvornikov can assign the commander of the Eastern military district.

“The mission of the middle East Urals, which involved even the Navy, he completed more than successfully. Now yard keepers in Moscow and in Yekaterinburg, it seems, is not going to come back, waiting for his appointment as commander of the Eastern military district. Getting under the beginning of a huge BBO can be viewed as a reward,” — said the source publication.

According to “Газеты.Ru” now Alexander Janitors on duty is “between Moscow and Ekaterinburg”. On the further development of his career is not officially reported, but it is unlikely he will return to work in CVO in the previous post. Familiar with Dvornikov a source in the defense Ministry questioned that the General will go the way of greater publicity, noting that it is not in his character. “He’s not very talkative, does not like all this,” says the source. The source doubted that the Janitors may head the BBO.

At the same time, it is not excluded that the head of Syrian operations can be assigned to Moscow — for example, in the General staff.

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