We Say “Plato” But We Think “Putin”

Russian Economy Department

We say Plato, but in mind Rotenberg,
we say Rotenberg, but in mind Putin.

Truckers called for the resignation of Putin at the rally in Moscow
From: etoonda (etoonda) wrote, 2016-04-03 18:01:00

(Click to enlarge) Photo: Anton novoderezhkin/TASS

Truckers held their first protest against the “Plato” in the center of Moscow. Accusing the authorities of unwillingness to make concessions, they called for the resignation of the President and the government. The action was supported by the Communist party and colleagues of Navalny.

Sunday on the square Yauza Gate rally truckers against the system of charging heavy vehicles for travel on Federal highways system (“Plato”). The drivers came at him without a car, as travel on lorries in the city centre is prohibited.

The action was coordinated with the authorities. According to the organizer of the rally, St. Petersburg trucker Yury Bubnov, came to the event for about 250 people. (…)


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