How the “Greatest Genius” Was Overplayed By Wild Bedouins

Kremlin Black Hole Department

K: Using simple wording – it’s about

how Putin was brazenly fucked up by Saudi Arabia

Deep freeze
From: El Murid, 3-APR-2016 02:16 am

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Saudi Arabia suddenly refused to “freeze” the level of oil production, which KSA has been playing with for the last three months. If cancellation will be announced officially this would put the meeting on April 17, a hope for Kremlin, under attack. Although, in truth, far too formal, as the news was announced by none other than the king’s son Mohammed bin Salman formally third, actually second, but in the economy of the Kingdom, perhaps the first person.

Saudi Arabia has committed the classic “kidok” in a purely American style – lured with promises offering real action to “partners” in advance, from which to refuse would be extremely problematic, then gracefully withdrew their previous verbal and informal commitments. (…)

In fact, the Saudis demanded from Russia that Russia twisted the hands of Assad and sat him at the negotiating table, forced to conclude a truce with Pro-Saudi terrorists, and more – in result Russia in now herself at war with ISIL alone. Assad is almost not disturbed by ISIS, but ISIS very much worries Saudis. Saudis quite rightly see in ISIS a tool of Qatar, the British and that part of America which is asleep and sees partition of Saudi Arabia “as a justice”.

It turns out that some wild Bedouins blatantly lied to our Greatest Genius and at the same time made his hands are still fighting with their enemies.

More disgrace to found it would be hard, but this is not enough – now we all do it for free. Just like that – with all our soul.

Again, a knife in the back and again from partners. Soon there would have to move just kicks ass.


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