Russian “Wars” Are Multiplying Like Rabbits…

Armenia Department

K: When Kremlin was able to destroy Ukraine ideas, got rid of torches, fires, shelling and creation of new USkraine Army, coward Putin did run away and buggered Russian country situation. Every time he touches geopolitical point he blunders if not fucks up.

Now Turkey, to shift point of medial interest from Syria (South of Turkey) and to weak RF pressure on Turkey from Armenia (North of Turkey), in collusion with the US, started war over Northern Karabakh. If not full-fledged war, decidedly a test for possibility of such war.

The third Russian war is in the making. What sort of method Kremlin used to defuse the oncoming local war we will get known in a future, maybe.

Saudi Arabia’s bad man Bander may fulfill his promises to unleash the terrorist hell onto the Caucasus.

Thus Kremlin might face 4 trouble points. What else the US would concoct with her allies, as Putin avoids all provocations and run away to bushes? All the Stans of former USSR republics can be easily engulfed in internal wars rekindled by the US. Demography and domestic Russian policy works against stability of RF. All Russian national ideas are being trampled on with heavy boots of Putin’s understanding and heavy handing hot issues. Mnogohodovochek, who always vanishes in times of strong stance. He knows but setting his policies on one axiom of dominance of communion with the Western world and preserving “achievements” (read results of thievery) of Russian oligarchs, moves him to another, next infamous finish as Gorbatchev 2.0. To put it mildly, he will bugger up the whole present “poor” Russia.

So, up to now, what media report, he’s lost in Donbass (he allowed Ukraine to rebuild USkraine AF), Assad in Syria is going to be removed easily now (he allowed the US to achieve her goals), he loses in Southern “front” (“Russian underbelly” – he alienated Iran and leveled to zero the meanings of all the alliances he created there – SCO and others) and created very weak Russia (for not doing reforms in economy, small, medium and state industries, education, health care etc, through “sine qua non” annihilating aka neutralizing all the fucking Western liberasts plundering Russia through central banks and American Constitution).

Too many bloggers do not want to see one salient issue. The US roads to her goals can be multiplied at her will, and so it’s going on. Putin may propagandize his alleged victories, local victories, as great geopolitical wins, but the last words belong to the US. It’s clear it is the US which dictates conditions to Putin and defines Putin’s elbow room. He’s not in a trap, he goes to such well described “traps” which are not traps, knowingly, having hope to save oligarchic Russia and Russian economical system, which de facto, damn, is of Westerners’, the US hegemonic’s and global banksters’ origins. What suggests that Putin sells out Russia consciously. But all his armies and modernizing processes are conjured up to push bid to the highest levels. Russian oligarchs’ coffers are real big.

Armenia moved in Karabakh missile-artillery brigade
From: DPR24,

(Click to enlarge)

Armenian armed forces sent to NK rocket artillery brigade of troops. This is reported by the Armenian media.

“To strengthen the forces of the NKR defense Army, Armenian armed forces deployed in Nagorno-Karabakh rocket artillery brigade”, – stated in the message of the Armenian media.

Also, local media outlets, Karabakh and other deployed military forces – particularly the air force.

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